Beverage System

The process begins by utilizing a water pump to move water from the Reverse Osmosis Water Tank into the Emulsification Tank. The temperature of the water changes depending on whether the system is producing HaHa Sparkling Waters or HaHa Sodas. After the appropriate amount of water has been added to the tank, the ingredients are weighed out and added through the top of the tank. They are then mixed utilizing a blender mounted within the tank. Once all the ingredients are mixed, the solution is brought from 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the liquid reaches the appropriate levels, the system is closed, and carbonation process begins. After the liquid reaches the appropriate carbonation level, the system is pumped into the canning line to begin the fill process.

Did you know we once made a limited-edition Bubblegum flavored HaHa Soda? Stay tuned to see which limited-edition flavor we launch next!