Canning Line_


Canning Line

The Canning Line begins by vibrating empty cans down a loading chute into the can rinser. Each station operates with 3 cans at a time. The rinsing system rotates the cans upside down and aggressively cleans the interior with reverse osmosis water. The cans are then rotated back into position and moved in the CO2 Sparging area where they are filled with a freshly carbonated ice cold HaHa Beverage. One by one the cans begin to move to the next station where a resealable lid is gently placed and sealed. The cans then head to a check scale to ensure a proper fill weight before moving single file through a rinse and dry station. The last step is for the cans to move onto the next machine to automatically wrap a HaHa Beverage label.

These sodas were the first infused canned sodas on the market in in Nevada!