Chocolate Bar Molding Line_


Chocolate Bar Molding Line

The process begins by melting chocolate wafers for the specific flavor bar being produced. After the chocolate is fully molten, the other ingredients are added. Dreamland Chocolates provide a wide array of flavors from Cool Mint Milk Chocolate to Fruit Flavored Cereal Bits. Custom-made molds are hand loaded into the machine. The chocolate is brought to the appropriate temperature and ‘flood filled’ over each mold, one at a time equaling three bars per mold. The excess chocolate is then scraped off using heated surface scrapers and returned to be reused.

The bars then get vibrated to remove any trapped air bubbles to ensure a smooth, silky finish on every bar. After vibration, the bars are moved through the top of the cooling tunnel, then return to the same operator that loaded them into the mold chute at the beginning of the run. After this point, the bars are removed from the molds and ready to be sent out for quality assurance testing.

This machine can produce up to 900lb’s of chocolate a day!