Tuttuno One Shot Centerfill line_


Chocolate Filler

This system is used to produce Dreamland’s latest product drop, the Dreamland Chocolate Peanut Butter Cubes.

The process begins by melting chocolate wafers for the specific flavor cube being produced. After the chocolate is fully molten, it gets sent into the depositing machine. A secondary compartment is loaded with the filling being used for interior of the product, in our case, its creamy peanut butter filling. Once the chocolate reaches the perfect temperature, it’s cycled through the machine.

The machine utilizes a “Nozzle-in-Nozzle” system and begins with the exterior nozzle depositing a small amount of chocolate on the bottom of the mold to create a base. Then, simultaneously, the interior nozzle begins depositing the filling while the exterior nozzle deposits chocolate around the filling to create a shell. The operation is finished by placing a small amount of chocolate on the back of the piece, finalizing the shell creation process. The mold is transferred onto a vibration table to remove any remaining air bubbles which will create a smooth, silky finish. The molds then move vertically through the cooling tunnel and exit the machine ready to be demolded and sent out for quality assurance testing.

This machine makes our Dreamland Peanut Butter Cubes that won 1st place best edible at the 2021 Jack Herer Cup!