Gummy Packager Auto Bagger_


Gummy Packager

This Gummy Packer is used to fully automate the packaging process for all HaHa Gummies.

We begin by loading large bags of gummies into the machine, then loading empty, child proof mylar bags into the system. The machine begins to vibrate, forcing the gummies through. The gummy packer sorts the edible pieces into a single file line, which then go through a counting system. Every time a gummy passes through, the system registers and counts each unit. Once ten pieces are counted, the machine opens a mylar bag and releases the gummies into it. The system signals that ten pieces have been loaded, which allows the machine to move the bag to the next station, heat seal the unit, and discharge a finished ten pack of HaHa Gummies.

Planet 13 carries 9 flavors of HaHa Gummies ranging from Blue Raspberry to Sour Mystery Berry.
Have you tried them all?