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How We Make Edible Beverages

THC beverages have been gaining popularity in the cannabis industry. With the best ingredients and machines
Planet 13 Las Vegas is proud to share what goes into THC-infused beverages.




THC Beverage Machine:
Beverage System

The THC-infused beverage production process begins by utilizing a water pump to move water from the Reverse Osmosis Water Tank into the Emulsification Tank. The temperature of the water changes depending on whether the system is producing high quality THC beverages like HaHa Sparkling Waters or HaHa Sodas. After the appropriate amount of water has been added to the tank, the essential ingredients are weighed out and added through the top of the tank. They are then mixed utilizing a blender mounted within the tank. Once all the ingredients are mixed, the solution is brought from 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the liquid reaches the appropriate levels, the system is closed, and carbonation process begins. After the liquid reaches the appropriate carbonation level, the system is pumped into the canning line to begin the fill process.

Did you know we once made a limited-edition Bubblegum flavored THC-infused HaHa Soda? Stay tuned to see which limited-edition flavor we launch next!



THC Beverage Machine:
Canning Line

The Canning Line begins by vibrating empty cans down a loading chute into the can rinser. Each station operates with 3 cans at a time. The rinsing system rotates the THC beverage cans upside down and aggressively cleans the interior with reverse osmosis water. The THC beverage cans are then rotated back into position and moved in the CO2 Sparging area where they are filled with a freshly carbonated ice cold HaHa Beverage. One by one, the cannabis beverage cans begin to move to the next station where a resealable lid is gently placed and sealed. The cans then head to a check scale to ensure a proper fill weight before moving single file through a rinse and dry station. The last step is for the cans to move onto the next machine to automatically wrap a HaHa Beverage label.

These cannabis sodas were the first THC-infused canned sodas on the market  in Nevada!