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How We Make Edible Chocolates

Planet 13 Las Vegas dispensary only produces the highest-quality, consistent chocolate edibles, perfect for any cannabis-lover.
Learn how our edible chocolate machine produces the world’s best THC-infused chocolates.


Chocolate Bar Molding Line


Edible Chocolate Machine:
Chocolate Bar Molding Line

The chocolate edible production process begins by melting chocolate wafers for the specific chocolate flavor bar that is being produced. After the chocolate is fully molten, the other key ingredients are added. Dreamland Chocolates, a luxury THC chocolate, provides a wide array of flavors from Cool Mint Milk Chocolate to Fruit Flavored Cereal Bits. Custom-made molds are hand-loaded into the machine. The THC-infused chocolate is brought to the appropriate temperature and ‘flood filled’ over each mold, one at a time equaling three bars per mold. The excess chocolate is then scraped off using heated surface scrapers and returned to be reused.

The edible chocolate bars then get vibrated to remove any trapped air bubbles to ensure a smooth, silky finish on every THC chocolate bar. After vibration, the bars are moved through the top of the cooling tunnel, then return to the same operator that loaded them into the mold chute at the beginning of the run. The bars are then removed from the molds and are ready to be sent out for quality assurance testing.

This machine can produce up to 900 lbs of chocolate a day!

Lareka Chocolate Bar Foil Wrapping Machine


Edible Chocolate Machine:
Chocolate Bar Foil Wrapping Machine

This machine is a semi-automated foil wrapping machine. This equipment eliminates the need for hand-wrapping edible chocolates and provides a flawless presentation and fold on all our Dreamland Chocolate Bars.

An operator begins by ensuring the edible chocolate machine is properly loaded with a spool of aluminum foil. The THC-infused chocolate bars are then hand-fed into the machine. Once the cannabis-infused chocolate bar enters the machine, the machine begins the wrapping process. A sheet of aluminum is rolled from the spool and is automatically cut. The edible chocolate wrapping machine gently folds the foil around the edible chocolate bar, which is then pushed out of the side of the machine perfectly wrapped, and ready for the final phase of packaging.

This machine can wrap up to 25 Dreamland bars a minute.

Tuttuno One Shot Centerfill line


Edible Chocolate Machine:
Chocolate Filler

This system is used to produce Dreamland Chocolate’s latest product drop, the Dreamland Chocolate Peanut Butter Cubes.

The edible chocolate filler process begins by melting chocolate wafers for the flavor that is being produced. Once the chocolate is fully molten, it is sent into the cannabis chocolate depositing machine. A secondary compartment is loaded with the filling being used for the interior of the product, in our case, its creamy peanut butter filling. Once the edible chocolate reaches the perfect temperature, it’s cycled through the machine.

The machine utilizes a “Nozzle-in-Nozzle” system and begins with the exterior nozzle depositing a small amount of chocolate on the bottom of the mold to create a base. Then, simultaneously, the interior nozzle begins depositing the filling while the exterior nozzle deposits chocolate around the filling to create a shell. The operation is finished by placing a small amount of THC-infused chocolate on the back of the piece, finalizing the shell creation process. The mold is transferred onto a vibration table to remove any remaining air bubbles which will create a smooth, silky finish. The molds then move vertically through the cooling tunnel and exit the machine ready to be removed from the mold and sent out for quality assurance testing.

This machine makes our Dreamland Peanut Butter Cubes that won 1st place best edible at the 2021 Jack Herer Cup!