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How We Make Edible Gummies

Making cannabis edibles requires a meticulous process and perfect conditions in order to get the consistency in cannabis infused edibles.
At Planet 13 Las Vegas, our production facility shows all cannabis-lovers how cannabis gummies are made.




Cannabis Edible Machine:
Gummy Cooking Kettle

The Gummy Kettle is used to cook our cannabis infused edibles such as HaHa Gummies to the perfect consistency.

The edible making process begins with an operator weighing and mixing all the major cannabis edible ingredients used to create HaHa Gummies. The ingredients are loaded through the top portion of the cannabis gummy kettle and are continually mixed. Once all the cannabis gummy ingredients are combined, the operator engages the heating elements within the hot oil reservoir to heat the oil to the proper cooking temperature. After the base is done cooking, the final ingredients are added to the mixture and the solution is ready to move onto the cannabis gummy molding machine.

Did you know our HaHa Gummies won 1st Place Best Edible Brand at the 2021 Golden Bong Awards?

Servoform Mini Universal Depositor


Cannabis Edible Machine:
Edible Gummy Depositor

The Edible Gummy Depositor is used to fully automate the depositing process for all HaHa Gummies, ensuring a consistent edible gummy size, but more importantly, a consistent dose of THC in each HaHa Gummy.

The molten edible gummy mixture is transferred from the kettle directly into the depositing machine. The process begins when an operator loads edible gummy molds onto the machine, which then carries them forward to the depositing nozzles. A laser sensor triggers the machine to inject the molten into the mold. Each deposit on the cannabis edible machine produces ten individual cannabis infused gummy pieces, or one full unit of HaHa Gummies.

Fun fact, this machine can deposit over 10,000 individual gummies per hour of operation.

Gummy Packager Auto Bagger


Cannabis Edible Machine:
Edible Gummy Packager

This Edible Gummy Packer is used to fully automate the edible gummy packaging process for all HaHa Gummies.

We begin by loading large bags of edible gummies into the machine, then loading empty, child-proof mylar bags into the system. The machine begins to vibrate, forcing the THC infused gummies through. The edible gummy packer sorts the edible pieces into a single file line, which then goes through a counting system. Every time an edible gummy passes through, the system registers and counts each unit. Once ten pieces are counted, the edible packing machine opens a mylar bag and releases the cannabis gummies into it. The system signals that ten pieces have been loaded, which allows the machine to move the bag to the next station, heat seal the unit, and discharge a finished ten pack of HaHa Gummies.

Planet 13 carries 9 flavors of HaHa Gummies ranging from Blue Raspberry to Sour Mystery Berry.
Have you tried them all?