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Loyalty Member Deals

Hello Loyalty Member!? As a reminder, all promotions listed on our website are for Loyalty Members ONLY. Non-Loyalty Members will be charged base line pricing and will not qualify for promotions. Managers reserve all rights to honoring promotions listed on website. If you would like to become a Loyalty Member and receive these specials on your following order, please ask your budtender while in store or press “sign up here” on this page.

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Local Loyalty Members:

  • Valid w/ proof of Nevada residency
  • Receives daily deals via text message
  • $25 1/8ths on select flower strains
  • $25 grams on select concentrates
  • 20% off all reg-priced items
  • Receives loyalty points on each purchase
  • Local medical cardholders will also receive reduced sales tax

Loyalty Members:

  • Receives daily deals via text message
  • Eligible for loyalty points on each purchase

Out-of-state Medical Patients:

  • Valid w/ proof of state-issued medical card
  • 10% off all reg-priced items
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