Church Adjustable 900mAh Battery


Church’s rechargeable, adjustable battery is said to be the second coming of vape pens. You can call upon any vapor with a 510 thread with this powerful 900mAH, surge-protected Church vape pen whether you have branded Church cartridges or 510 cannabis carts of any other variety.

To adjust your power level, click the button 3 times and cycle between voltage settings. Click the button 5 times to turn your Church vape pen off or back on in order to save battery power and prevent accidental firings between uses. Bring your Church 900mAH battery back from the dead with an efficient 2-hour charge using the included USB charging cable.

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Church Vape Battery Features

  • Rechargeable
    • USB charger included
  • 510 Thread
  • Adjustable 900mAH Battery
  • Surge Protector

Why Become a Church Battery Apostle

Portable vaporizers like the Church adjustable battery are extremely useful to carry with you or pack into an on-the-go cannabis kit. Pocket-sized and palm-sized, the low-key battery is easy to hide in your hand or tuck away when not in use. It will fit into the smallest purses and the largest wallets with ease, and can even travel with you if you remove the cartridge and switch off the battery with a quick 5 taps of the power button. Long-lasting and fast-charging, it’s hard to go wrong.

Every Vape Cart Comes to Church

The Church vape pen is designed to work beautifully with Church carts, but you’re not limited just to name brand oil. This powerful little pen will have you singing Hosanna in the Highest with any 510 vape cart of your choosing. The best part is that all three power settings, while varying in power, are designed not to burn out your carts. This makes the adjustable Church battery both safer than your average box mod, but also capable of tailoring your vape experience for mellow chill or intense highs with three taps of the power button.

So Simple, Yet So Perfect

The Church 900mAH adjustable battery is definitely a holy experience. This elegantly simple battery may be little, but it packs a major punch. The highest setting will help you blow huge clouds even with the stickiest vape carts, while the lower settings are perfect for setting the mood. Highly rated and understated, you can’t go wrong with Church’s signature vape pen battery.

Planet 13 is proud to provide you with the best cannabis gear so you can vape anytime, whether this is your first vape battery, you’re preparing a gift, or you’re caught craving without your gear.