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Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures contain a range of cannabinoids and can be administered orally, sublingually, or in tandem with a beverage. It’s the perfect product to provide a simple and accurate way to dose with cannabis or CBD. Find cannabis and CBD tinctures as well as everything in between for your cannabis needs at the Planet 13 Superstore & Entertainment Complex.


What are cannabis tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are solvent-based extracts that use alcohol to remove the terpenes and cannabinoids from the remainder of the plant material. Tinctures can be consumed orally, sublingually under the tongue, or infused in food or beverages, making them ideal for consumers interested in smokeless consumption methods. Cannabis tinctures come in many forms, with THC, CBD, or a combination of the two being the most common. CBD brands like Planet M offer tintures that is a combination of CBD and CBN.

How do you use a cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tinctures can be consumed in three ways, sublingually under the tongue, orally, or by infusing it with a food or beverage of your choice. When consuming sublingually, typically the effects of the THC and CBD will come faster as it makes its way through your bloodstream. If consumed orally or infused with food, effects can take longer, similar to when ingesting an edible.

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Do cannabis tinctures have psychoactive effects? Can tinctures get you high?

Cannabis tinctures can have psychoactive effects if they contain THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the feeling of being high. If your tincture only has CBD, it will not produce the high associated with cannabis and can be used to help with various conditions including seizures, nausea, anxiety, inflammation, and more.

How potent are cannabis tinctures?

Cannabis CBD tinctures tend to have a lower potency than CBD oil because of the additives included that enhance the flavor, such as water, herbs, and other essential oils. Potency can vary based on the strain of the cannabis plant used and a tincture can be administered by micro-dosing until you reach your desired effect. Through the use of a dropper vial, it’s wise to always begin with a small amount, such as 0.25 mL, and increase your dosage from there.

What are the different types of cannabis tinctures?

There are three main types of cannabis tinctures, all categorized by the cannabinoids present in the alcohol-base solution. THC tinctures are concentrated with THC from the cannabis plant, and have the same psychoactive effects associated with smoking or consuming cannabis. CBD tinctures are known to have the same benefits as THC tinctures, without the high, which is caused by the THC cannabinoid. The final type of tincture is a hybrid of the two and contains both CBD and THC. Consumers can find their ideal blend of cannabinoids by trying varying ratios such as 1:1 or 2:1.

What is the difference between a cannabis or CBD tincture and cannabis or CBD oil?

Unlike CBD tinctures, which uses distilled alcohol to extract the hemp, CBD oil is processed from the oils, fats, vitamins, and proteins in the plant, and has cannabidiol as a base. Cannabis tinctures tend to have a lower potency level of CBD, a faster absorption rate, and longer shelf life than CBD oil because it’s an alcohol base.

How are cannabis tinctures made?

Commercial cannabis tinctures are made with the use of alcohol or CO2. Through the alcohol extraction method, manufacturers mix the cannabis with human-safe, high-concentrated alcohol, until it is ready to be separated from the remaining plant material. Then, the liquid is dealcoholized and distilled. Cannabis tinctures can be extracted with pressurized CO2 which then acts as a solvent.

Who should buy cannabis tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are great for adults who are looking for fast-acting effects and are not interested in smoking-based methods. Tinctures are discrete and do not have a noticeable marijuana aroma and can be enjoyed with just a few drops, making them also very convenient. When using tinctures, they typically come in droppers giving you greater control over the specific dosage. This makes them great for beginners who are interested in microdosing.

Why should you buy a cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tinctures are great for individuals interested in a fast-acting, non-smoking method for consuming cannabis. Tinctures can be taken discreetly and do not have a strong cannabis aroma, often associated with smoking methods. If you are a beginner, cannabis tinctures may be a good place for you to start, because they can easily be micro-dosed for your desired effect. 

Planet 13 Budtender Pick: What is the best tincture?

Planet M CBD tinctures are our staff pick! Derived from premium hemp to deliver natural wellness without any unwanted psychoactive effects, there’s a CBD for everyone, whether you prefer unflavored or a touch of lemon or mint to infuse your lifestyle.