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Ditch your cup of coffee in the morning and give our sativa-dominant strains and products a try. Known for their uplifting and energetic qualities, sativa plants are typically used for the daytime or early afternoon. These distinct cerebral focused strains tend to have a lighter, fruity aroma. Below are the recommended sativa products currently available on our menu at Planet 13:


Chloe Flower

Exclusive to Planet 13, this popular Medizin strain will blow you away. Chloe is a powerful and mysterious sativa-dominant hybrid created by Chris Wren of Medizin, Las Vegas. This strain won 1st place at the International Cannagraphic Magazine Cup in 2015 and has since gone on to accrue local renown and praise for its incredible medicinal qualities.

Tangerine Dream Tea Podz

Wonderful tasting tea k-cups by Brewbudz, how more convenient can it get. At around 10mg per cup, its ability to knock out pain while increasing energy is what makes Tangerine Dream so special. While too much Tangerine Dream may leave you stuck on the couch, this strain was handcrafted to meet the demands of working medical patients. Uplifting and euphoric, it provides users with mental clarity while deeply relaxing muscles

Slymer Flower

Grown by our trusted friends at MatrixNV, this sativa is a cross of Train Wreck crossed with Trinity crossed with Jack the Ripper. Tastes of lemon lime slurpee, with a long lasting uplifting, energetic high that promotes creativity.

Ghost Train Haze Flower

With a sour citrus and floral aroma, Ghost Train Haze delivers a potent dose of THC to knock out pain, depression, and appetite loss, but patients prone to anxiety should steer clear of this heavy-hitter. Low doses are conducive to concentration and creativity, but you may notice some cerebral haziness as you administer more. This strain is grown by our trusted vendor Nature’s Chemistry.

Sour Amnesia Pax Pod

Using the Pax Era technology, MatrixNV has filled these pods with their signature Sour Amnesia. This strain has an earthy, floral aroma that is enhanced by the citrus, diesel zest of Sour Diesel.