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Most people presume that potheads and those who most cannabis occasionally will always weight more than those who don’t. The public also has the perception that cannabis enthusiasts will have many other health issues due to their use of the plant. However, there is no evidence to suggest that is true, and a recent study highlighted that most stoners are skinnier than their non-marijuana-loving counterparts.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the misconceptions and how they arise. We’ll also take a moment to discuss the ins and outs of the new study before offering some advice for anyone with concerns about their size or weight. When all’s said and done, most people don’t experience any body changes when they smoke. However, if anything is going to happen, you’re much more likely to lose fat than gain it.

Why do people think stoners will get fat?

There are lots of reasons the general public seem to think that people who enjoy Las Vegas marijuana from the best Vegas dispensary will gain weight and struggle when it comes to maintaining a flat stomach. However, the most common cause presented related to a misconception about how cannabis users react to the plant. Everyone knows that people tend to get the munchies when they’re stoned, and non-smokers believe that means potheads will eat uncontrollably. That is not the case.

The munchies occur when blood sugar levels begin to drop below their usual consistency, and that is why many stoners love tucking into a candy bar or something similar. However, those folks are less inclined to stand in the kitchen and cook an unhealthy meal that people who aren’t under the influence of marijuana. When all’s said and done, potheads love food, but they’re far too preoccupied with their astral journey to watch a frying pan for half an hour. So, the munchies argument doesn’t cut the mustard.

Another reason some people think potheads will gain a broad waist relates to their use of edibles. Sure, most of the cannabis products you find at the best Vegas dispensary are going to look like candy, cookies, or sweets like gummies. However, cannabis enthusiasts will only consume one or two of those items each day in most instances. So, it’s not like they’re eating an entire pack of cookies for breakfast.

So, what does the new study say?

Even though marijuana users might consume more calories per day than the average person, the new study by the University of Nebraska at Harvard states that although potheads eat more sometimes, that is not reflected in increased BMI. The experts tested almost 5,000 adults who smoke cannabis all the time to discover how the substance affects their health. The participants agreed to let the professionals check their blood sugar, fasting insulin, glucose levels, and waist size. The outcomes will shock some of you.

The scientists discovered that not only do potheads not have a larger waist than non-smokers but in most instances, those people had a smaller waistline than their counterparts. That means the evidence suggests that people who consume Las Vegas marijuana will find it much simpler than others to stay skinny. That is the case, even after the experts considered variables and age, etc.  Most of the cannabis users tested also had high levels of HDL in their bodies, and that’s excellent news for anyone who loves to puff on a joint every once in a while.

The only adverse result from the new study relates to insulin resistance where people who smoked saw their levels reduce by around 17% across the board. However, it’s vital to note that participants who use marijuana but hadn’t done so for a few days produced almost the same results as those who didn’t smoke at all. That means it looks like the effects of cannabis on your insulin and insulin resistance levels is only temporary. The difference in waist size is not.

How do I stay healthy with cannabis?

There are a few steps you can take to ensure you maintain perfect health when you consume lots of cannabis every day. First of all, make sure you don’t buy any dodgy cannabis off the street, and always take the time to visit the best Vegas dispensary. That will help to ensure that you never smoke anything that is less than ideal or cured improperly. Next up, you need to watch how many of those edibles you eat. Sure, cookies and gummies taste good. However, they also contain high levels of THC, and so there is no need to stuff them in your mouth all day long. Just get something more potent if you don’t get stoned enough to make you happy.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you always consume a healthy diet and workout as much as possible if you smoke a lot of cannabis. The temptation to spend your days lazing on a sofa playing Xbox is never going to go away, and so you just have to ignore it. People who use Las Vegas marijuana never have to stress about any concerns if they maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Indeed, there are even some pothead exercise classes available if you search online.

Just don’t turn into a couch potato, and there should be no need to worry about anything. The new study raises some questions about whether or not doctors should use cannabis to treat obesity. However, we’re a long way from doing that at the moment.

You should now have a reasonable idea about some of the misconceptions about cannabis and your health, and you should now understand that new studies like the one mentioned in this post could revolutionize our approach to the plant in the coming years. Use some of the tips about staying healthy to ensure you don’t pile on the pounds and lose motivation in your life. Marijuana is your friend, and it will help you through almost anything, but you still need to exercise and consume healthy meals if you want to live long enough to smoke well into your retirement. Enjoy!