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The US has become one of the most lucrative cannabis markets globally. Despite these impressive numbers, female leadership in this industry has remained remarkably low. 

With the growing demand for female representation in workplaces across different industries, it is surprising that this is not the case with the cannabis industry. This is evident even with the entrance of large corporate players in this industry. Regardless, there are still a few women who’ve broken the glass ceiling and are creating waves in the cannabis industry. 

As we embark on celebrating International Women’s Month, it’s crucial that we educate ourselves on how women are getting involved in the cannabis industry and their scope of growth as this industry continues to grow. Keep reading to learn more. 

Women that are Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Cannabis Industry 

As we celebrate International Women’s Month, here are a few women who have made history as leaders, entrepreneurs, and advocates in the cannabis industry.

Loriel Alegrate 

There’s no better woman to start discussing women in cannabis than Loriel Alegrate. Loriel is known for her advocacy for people in prison for nonviolent cannabis activities and streamlining the cannabis legalization process. Together with Covian Cooper, and her husband Anthony Alegrate, this advocacy group fights unfair cannabis legalization laws and restores the extensive damage caused by unjust rulings. 

Chanda Macias 

Dr. Chanda Macias is another woman that has made a great mark in the cannabis industry. She founded Ilera Holistic Healthcare in 2019 and serves as a board of directors at the Minority Cannabis Business Association. She’s also the CEO of Women Grow.

Christine De La Rosa 

As the founder of People’s Dispensary, Christine De La Rossa has created a lot of awareness about the benefits of cannabis, especially after using it to diagnose her Lupus. With her brand, she’s now dedicated to making cannabis accessible to marginalized communities, which are significantly assumed in this industry. 

Other women who have made an impact in cannabis include:

  • Emily Phaxhia
  • Hope Wiseman 
  • Erin Gore 
  • Jill Ellsworth 
  • Jessica Billingsley 
  • Jamie Evan

What it Takes to Bring Other Women into the Cannabis Industry on Board 

According to MJBizDaily’s report, the number of women in leadership positions in the Cannabis industry fell to 22.1%, which is lower than the average American rate of 29.8%. This signifies a need for more women in the industry to achieve a 50/50 equity in leadership as desired in every profession. So, what would it take to bring more women in the cannabis industry on board? Here are some insights that would help: 

  • Ignoring the unsolicited comments criticizing women for following this career path. Ensure that you pursue what makes you passionate and fulfilled by making the right choices along the way. 
  • Participate in every opportunity that comes your way. Utilize the skills you have as a leader and translate them into excellent solutions for your business needs. 
  • Adopt a win-it-at-cost mentality, knowing that people will tell you that you’re doing things for the wrong reasons.
  • Show other people your ultimate strengths and reputation as a reliable and trustworthy peer. 

Reasons why 2022 will be a Crucial Year for Women in Cannabis

Drawing of 4 women standing with their hands on their hips

2022 is looking to be a defining year for women leaders in the cannabis industry. With the successful execution of growth strategies in different industries achieved through female-led leadership, many women are ushering a new class of leadership to build on in this sophisticated and regulated industry. So, what makes 2022 a defining year for women in the cannabis industry? Let’s dive in:

Female Leaders Are Setting Up the Pace in Cannabis Industry Growth 

One of the significant female-led investments in the cannabis industry of 2022 is led by a female CEO, Kim Rivers. Rivers is the CEO of Trulieve, a multi-state operator in this industry. Her greatest achievement of 2021 is overseeing the acquisition of Harvest Health & Recreation. She has also played a major role in spearheading Trulieve to a “hub” model that has helped the company scale in new markets. 

Female Leaders Are Establishing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in this Industry 

Over the past two years, female leadership has been actively tackling disparities in the cannabis industry through their businesses. For instance, Amber Senter, a California-based entrepreneur, is trying to create an ecosystem that helps business owners of color become self-sufficient in the cannabis industry.

Among her achievements, perhaps the most apparent is her working with lawmakers from Oakland to develop a cannabis social equity program and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. This offers a good opportunity where upcoming women in cannabis can build on. 

Women in Cannabis

Historically, men have been coveted as the major cannabis consumers. However, over time, women are becoming consumers of legal cannabis. This means as many female consumers are engaged in the industry, including women in decisive roles, it will help reach out to more women consumers and bring more authenticity to their choices. 

Today’s executives have shown that women have the skills needed to make strategic decisions and benefit companies in all aspects. Therefore, with more talented women getting into leadership positions across the cannabis industry, it’s clear that 2022 would be a great year for more potential female leaders taking the leap of faith to invest in this promising industry. 

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