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Playing for a team in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is nothing less than a dream for many people. While playing among the big guns may be a far-fetched idea, student-athletes have an annual shot at their own version – The March Madness.

March Madness is an annual men’s college basketball tournament that is held by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) every year in the month of March. This is where college students get to shine and showcase their basketball skills to the entire nation.

Sixty-eight college teams participate in this competition. We picked the top-ranked teams and compared each of them to a strain that best reflects their characteristics.

Check out three highly anticipated March Madness teams below and what they would be if they were cannabis strains.

Close up of cannabis plant over dark background

Gonzaga Bulldogs – Pink Rozay Strain

This is among the leading teams on the March Madness charts. The team is known for months-long winning streaks and a knack for appearing in title games. With its crowd-pleasing attitude and an unbeatable record, Pink Rozay is the strain that best reflects Gonzaga.

Pink Rozay is a hybrid strain with the aroma of rose wine, a unique fruity flavor profile, calming effects, and high THC content that brings a significant psychoactive buzz to the user. This strain has also been the most preferred strain by cannabis users in the last few months.

Baylor Bears – Apple Fritter Strain

Another team competing in March Madness is the Baylor Bears. The team is currently the reigning champions of the NCAA tournament, crowding a lot of hype around them this year.

The strain that best reflects the reigning brilliance of this team is the Apple Fritter cannabis strain. It has an earthy aroma and tastes more like a pastry while providing users with an ample uplifting high. 

Illinois Fighting Illini – Grand Daddy Purple Strain

This team’s name best signifies its quality – it fights for the title it participates in. A lot of eyeballs are locked on this team for this year’s March Madness tournament. Although the team has not been able to lift the NCAA title recently, it is never an easy opponent to meet on the court.

The strain that best reflects Illinois Fighting Illini is the Grand Daddy Purple strain, a.k.a. GDP. It offers users a sweet and citrusy taste and right when the taste hits you, it shows off its potent effects, leaving you with a strong full-body buzz.

March Madness Schedule

The first and the second round of this year’s March Madness will commence from March 17th and March 19th, respectively. The real drama will begin right afterward in the Sweet 16 round (March 24th and 25th), where teams will compete for a spot in the Elite Eight (quarter-finals).

The Elite Eight round will continue between March 26th and 27th, eventually leading to the Final Four (semi-finals) on April 2nd.

The NCAA championship game will take place on April 4th.

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