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Winters have not been the most welcoming this year, with extreme blizzards and record-breaking snowfalls in the US. Now that they’re finally over, it’s cause for a small celebration. Simply pick your cannabis strain and enjoy the sunlight while it lasts.

Although there are countless strains that you can consume during your summer break, not all of them may carry the right summer vibe, which is where we come in.

In this blog, we cover a few of the best strains to be enjoyed during summer break. Our team of cannabis experts has shortlisted each of these strains based on their potency and effects.

girl smoking a cannabis cigar

#1 Blue Bayou

Sunbathing while enjoying a strain with significant psychoactive effects is the perfect combination. Known for its mood-elevating effects, Blue Bayou can make you giggly.

According to a survey, 3/4th of the people consuming this strain believe that it helps them in obtaining relief from depression and anxiety. Blue Bayou is made from a combination of Blue Haze and Blue Cheese strains.

#2 Strawberry Mojito

The name alone of this strain makes it the perfect one to enjoy during summer break. It is made from a combination of Thin Mint and Strawberry Kush. The strain offers users a significant psychoactive buzz with around 83.83% THC.

This Sativa strain also offers a burst of energy after a tiring week at work. It is widely known for its citrusy aroma and strawberry-like flavors, making it ideal for an eventful summer break.

#3 Cherry Creamsicle

This popular strain offers a sour citrusy aroma that couples well with this strain’s euphoric effects. Its 19% THC strength may not be the most psychoactive, but it will surely leave you with a decent buzz in summer.

Frequent users of Cherry Creamsicle state that its creamy sandalwood aftertaste is also something worth looking forward to. 

#4 Flowerbomb Kush  

When it comes to strains to enjoy during warm weather, Flowerbomb Kush is not something you can leave out. The strain is obtained by crossing the popular OG Kush and Green Crack. Users consuming this strain have praised its quick on-set times.

Flowerbomb Kush is also famous for its creativity-inducing and relaxing effects. The strain offers a piney flavor and a spicy aroma, and is said to help against depression and chronic pain.

#5 Ruby Rose

Often referred to as Rubies’ n’ Roses, this strain is a product of Grapefruit and White Russian strains. It contains around 17% of THC providing users with a moderate psychoactive buzz. You also get to amplify the summer strain’s effects by staying focused and enjoying a euphoric experience.

Ruby Rose carries a rosy and citrusy flavor, making it a perfect strain to enjoy during summer break! So, if you’re in for a relaxing yet euphoric experience this summer, Ruby Rose is the strain you should opt for.

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