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Each cannabis strain comprises a unique set of characteristics ranging from the different types of effects to the various aromas and psychoactive buzzes. These characteristics make a strain unique – different users opt for these unique strains based on the effects they seek.

We’ve determined the characteristics of different landmarks in Las Vegas to compare them with the characteristics of strains. Here’s what we’ve come down to.

Nevada Skyline

The Strat – Purple Kush Strain

One of the most iconic places to visit in Las Vegas is The Strat, previously the Stratosphere Tower. Just like multiple others, this tower is a casino and a hotel and is located at Vegas Boulevard South. The high tower is known for its incredible views of the desert around Vegas city.

If this place was a strain, we believe it would be Purple Kush – the reason being that this Indica strain contains mild amounts of THC that give you just the perfect euphoric sensation. This strain has also become a sensation in recent years, similar to The Strat in Vegas.

The Neon Museum – Bubba Kush Strain

Museums take you back to old age. They make you fall in love with art and history while providing you with a surreal feeling of how you’re able to witness something from ages ago. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is a perfect example here.

The museum contains the vintage neon signs from several businesses and hotels in Vegas. Experts suggest visiting this place at night to experience the well-illuminated space in its full glory.

If Neon Museum was a strain, it would have been the Bubba Kush strain because of the similarities in experiences both (the landmark and the strain) provide. The sleep-inducing effects of this strain will get you dreaming, illuminate your imagination, and leave you with a surreal sense of relaxation.

The Luxor – Mendocino Purps Strain

If you want to visit the popular Luxor Sphinx but are unable to visit Egypt, then Las Vegas is where you go. The replica in the sin city is erect at the Luxor Hotel in Vegas. The 110-ft tall majestic infrastructure reminds people of the original and the historical value it carries along.

The Purple Urkle strain best represents this landmark in Vegas for a couple of reasons: it offers a complex mix of flavors and comes from an olden Mendocino Purps phenotype. This provides the Purple Urkle strain a historical value while it imitates the complex structure of the Luxor Sphinx.

Hoover Dam –  Afgooey Strain

A forty-five-minute drive from the Las Vegas strip will lead you to one of the most popular Las Vegas landmarks, the Hoover Dam. The arch-gravity dam offers some of the most amazing views of Lake Mead and Black Canyon while providing you with a unique point for short tours and relaxation.

Afgooey may be the best strain to represent this landmark since it is known for consumption in case the user wants to relax. It offers a significant boost to your mood, similar to what you may experience when you first visit the dam. 

Can You Smoke In Las Vegas?

Although the strains mentioned would best replicate some of the landmarks in Vegas, it doesn’t mean that you can smoke or consume cannabis in any way at these public places. As per the law, you can only consume marijuana in NV on private properties.

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