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Although cannabis is not traditionally associated with energetic workouts and being active, there is evidence that the plant can interact with physical activity in myriad ways, offering substantial benefits. Some intrepid trainers have already begun experimenting with using cannabis as part of their regime, helping to boost the concentration and effort levels of their clients.

Take Mary Jane Fonda In Portland, Oregon. Organizers have created what they call a cannabis-infused boot camp where exercisers get a one-of-a-kind workout, led by highly-skilled Jane Fonda instructors. Participants use cannabis before the workout and then proceed to get sweaty performing a range of high-intensity exercises such as circuits and HIIT.

Other fitness companies are trying to re-invent the popular perception of cannabis as a “lazy person’s drug” or something that you smoke on a Saturday afternoon while watching the TV and munching your way through a king-size bag of chips. 420 Games, for instance, has begun a running circuit for marijuana enthusiasts where runners take part after having smoked a roll. The idea is to prove that cannabis users are not lazy or unmotivated but regular members of the community who actively enjoy physical activity.

So how does cannabis help you stay active? Let’s take a look at the science.

Cannabis Enhances The Runner’s High

One of the reasons we sell cannabis products at our Las Vegas dispensary is so that we can provide people with products that will encourage them to be more active and, therefore, healthier. Cannabis is intimately related to the body’s endorphin signaling system – the system that naturally produces a runner’s high. Just as the body releases its own cannabinoids during physical activity, using cannabis before exercise can do the same, helping to make exercise feel good, especially for those struggling with an injury or mood disorders. A study from 2003, for instance, found that exercise activates the same cannabinoid system as stimulated by the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Can Enhance The Pre- And Post-Workout

Although cannabis may offer all-round benefits for those who exercise, some varieties may be better when used at specific times. Sativa is a common strain of marijuana, renowned for its anti-anxiety effects. But the plant may be particularly suited to the pre-workout window, thanks to the unique benefits that it offers. Sativa is reported to potentially reduce chronic pain, fight depression, and increase serotonin, helping to motivate people and get them in the mood for physical activity. Sativa, therefore, can be thought of as a type of cannabis which removes the mental and physical barriers which could disincentivize movement.

Indica, another strain, offers a range of potential benefits that may be best suited to the post-workout window. Not only can it promote mental relaxation, but it can also decrease pain, enable muscles to relax, and enhance the production of dopamine which is often associated at the end of strenuous physical activity.

At our Las Vegas Strip dispensary, we stock both Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains, allowing you to combine the two optimally to facilitate your exercise regime. Cannabis has the advantage of being a natural plant, whereas many pre and post-workout drinks contain artificial ingredients in quantities much higher than would naturally be available through diet.

Cannabis Can Enhance The Effectiveness Of Fat Burning During Exercise

One of the main reasons people engage in exercise is to tone up, shed excess fat, and improve health. Regular exercise has been shown in numerous studies to improve body composition and markers of health and inflammation. Exciting research suggests that cannabis may work in synergy with exercise, enhancing its fat burning effects.

Scientists reported in the American Journal of Medicine that people who regularly consume cannabis have lower fasting insulin levels than those who do not. The reason that this is important is that low insulin levels are associated with lower body weight, better health, and longer life. Low fasting insulin is an indication that cells in the body are not gummed up with fat and that insulin can do its job and get glucose into cells. When insulin cannot do its job, the pancreas must create more of it which could lead to cellular signaling favoring weight gain.

Cannabis-related products may help motivate exercise by reducing pain, increasing the effectiveness of physical activity for weight loss, and putting the body and mind in the mood for training.

If you’re looking for cannabis products to enhance exercise, then choose Planet 13, the best Vegas dispensary. We stock a range of cannabis products that you can use in conjunction with your exercise routine. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you augment your fitness regime.