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Whether you are a new user or seasoned vet, there have probably been numerous times where you felt as though you may have gone over your limit. Whatever the situation may be, there’s undoubtedly been a time when you’ve underestimated the amount you smoked and desperately needed to bring yourself down a few notches. 

After all, we understand that enjoying the high is important when consuming cannabis products, but going a bit too far can ruin the experience. Fortunately, there are many different ways to cope with the high and even reduce its effects so that you come back to your senses quickly and without harmful side effects.

Stay hydrated and snack on something

Hydration is very important when it comes to bringing down a high. Drink something that’s light and not loaded with sugar or unhealthy additives. Regular cool water is the best, but juice can help as well as long as it’s not too sweet, acidic or contains mango. If it’s rather cold then a cup of herbal caffeine-free tea is a great alternative, but try and stay away from coffee as the caffeine content could make things worse. If possible, sip throughout your high so that you’re constantly staying hydrated. We would also strongly suggest staying away from all alcoholic beverages as not only does it dehydrate you but for some can give nasty effects when mixed. 

For snacks, something healthy and light is always best. This includes fruit, vegetables or nuts. A bag of chips or popcorn is also acceptable, but try to keep the additives, sugars, and salts to a minimum! The best snack would be a piece of fresh fruit or some fresh vegetables, and the worst would be something loaded in sugars.

Get a change of scenery, and take a walk

A change of scenery is often a great way to refocus your mind and invigorate yourself. It’ll help you keep your mind off the cannabis and allow you to refocus your mind. Of course, you don’t want to just wander off somewhere and get lost or, even worse, get into an accident, so always make sure you’re accompanied by someone.

Take a nice shower or bath

If you have access to a shower or bath, take advantage of it! It doesn’t need to be a cold shower that shocks you into waking up. It can just be a relaxing warm bath or shower that helps you relax, think soothing things and generally just enjoy your time in the bath. You don’t even need any kind of special bath bombs or shower gels, just take it easy, take a shower and change into some new clothes to help you freshen up.

Find something to keep yourself distracted

Having fun and distracting yourself is a great way to help you come back down to earth. Everyone has their own favorite activity they do when they want to get rid of the high, so think about doing something that helps to ground you. For instance, it could be playing a video game for a little bit, watching an episode of your favorite comedy show or even browsing videos of funny animals on YouTube.

Whatever keeps you distracted and helps to fill your mind with more positive thoughts, focus on doing those things! 

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