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If you’re a regular consumer of cannabis, whether it’s through smoking, vaping or even edibles, then you may notice that you’re slowly building up a tolerance to it. The easiest way to tell if this is happening to you is if you need more cannabis in order to feel the same high and for the same length of time as you used to. Sooner or later, you’ll need to use more cannabis and the high might also not be as strong or last as long. Sound familiar?

This tolerance buildup is normal because your body’s naturally getting used to it. This might sound worrying if you’re a regular consumer or even if you’re new and just learning about cannabis, but as any of our budtenders at Planet 13 will tell you, there’s a way around this. In order to continue experiencing long and enjoyable highs, it’s important to take a break now and then to let your body slowly lower its tolerance. There’s nothing quite like the first time you got high, and a tolerance break can help you relive those first-time experiences once again.

What exactly is a tolerance break?

A tolerance break is simply just a little time off that is free from cannabis. By taking an extended break, it gives your body and mind some time to slow down your tolerance for cannabis. This can be useful for recreational users in particular.

Many people think that simply consuming less cannabis will lead to the same effect, but the reality is that your receptors are still active when using even small amounts of cannabis. This means that your body will still gradually increase its tolerance towards cannabis, but it can offer you extended highs for the times that you do take cannabis. If you’re already a regular user, then cutting back won’t offer you the same effects as it does for someone who is new to cannabis.

How long do I take a tolerance break?

In terms of length of time, this is also something that varies from person to person. Some people believe that a week or two is enough, while others believe that a few days is enough. This will generally depend on how much cannabis you consume, with heavier users needing more days till their tolerance fades.

As a result, we recommend that you mix the two options and consider how often you use cannabis. If you’re relatively new, then spacing out your experiences and consuming cannabis less regularly can help you save your highs for when you’re really feeling it. If you’ve consumed a lot of cannabis already then staying off for a couple of days can help remove your tolerance and offer you the high you once remember!

Do I need a tolerance break if I use cannabis for medical purposes?

If you’ve been recommended by a physician to use cannabis then it’s best to consult them for advice. Depending on the reasons why you’re using cannabis and the effects it’s having on your body, it’s best to see what is the best overall option for you and your medicinal regimen. 

Are there side effects of taking a tolerance break?

Withdrawal of cannabis or any kind of substance will often result in some minor symptoms. This can include being a little moody or irritable, but keep in mind that this is no different than someone who has stopped drinking coffee for a few days. It’s not as severe as it sounds and in most cases, there are only positive effects when it comes to taking a tolerance break.

Many of these withdrawal symptoms are minor and aren’t concerning. They can even be dealt with if you take a walk or distract yourself.

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