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While you’re in Sin City, you should definitely get out and see a magical show from Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas. It should be a must-do on your Las Vegas bucket list. Another must-do on visitor’s lists is to try legal cannabis. Both of these things separately are amazing, but why not have the best of both worlds? We curated a list of current Cirque du Soleil shows you should see while high.

Read on for the best shows to experience an elevated state of mind:

5. Kurios

Kurios is a show with an intense plot. It’s the story of an inventor in the Victorian era who creates a machine that can travel through time, space, and dimensions. 

Combine this with steampunk vibes and amazing visuals and you’ve got yourself an amazing show. Imagine all the different things a show could do to illustrate the movement between dimensions, and you’re probably not even picturing half the awesomeness of Kurios.

Looking at routines like the aerial bike would be a memorable experience sober, but high? That element makes it unforgettable. So hit the bong or a vape and head to the show- you won’t regret it.

4. The Beatles LOVE

Similarly to Kurios, people who see The Beatles LOVE are in for the treat of a lot of vintage imagery. Unlike Kurios, however, this show won’t take you back to the Victorian era, but to the time of the Beatles!

First of all, it’s set to an all-Beatles soundtrack, so you’re sure to be rocking out for the duration of the entire show. It features acrobats and unforgettable choreography that moves in conjunction with the lights and sets to create a full sensory experience.

Like all shows, this is magnified when you’ve smoked a joint. For some tips on how to go see a show high in Las Vegas as well as for more reasons, you should check out The Beatles LOVE, click here!

3. Mystère

As the name suggests, Mystère is a show that presents a certain sort of… mystique… to the audience. With the ultimate conclusion that life is a mystery and is what we make of it, this show is the original must-see performance of the Cirque du Soleil.

This show contains everything that people go to the Cirque to see. Classic acrobatics and contortion are a huge part of it, and all of the costumes are a beautiful visual that’s sure to leave you gasping for breath. Filled with athletic prowess and effects made to be a treat on the eyes, this show is sure to leave you stunned.

Unlike the next item on our list, this show is family-friendly! So feel free to bring your children just consume your cannabis responsibly and keep all products out of reach of children. 

2. Zumanity

Part burlesque and part cabaret, Zumanity is an adults-only show. It’s incredibly sexual, so don’t go if you’re offended by that kind of thing. If you are going to feel comfortable in that environment though, it’s a really fun time that’s bound to put you in both an amorous and excited mood.

Adult humor in the story of a sex-crazed couple isn’t even the beginning of what makes Zumanity so great. It includes a simulated orgy among the entire cast of the performance, complete with masturbation and orgasms galore. Since being high increases the libido, we can only imagine how you’ll feel while watching.

A word of fair warning, though: this act doesn’t shy away from audience participation. If you go, you may be drawn into the chaos onstage. It’s fine if that isn’t for you- there are a ton of other shows. But if you don’t mind, we definitely recommend Zumanity.

1. O

We’ve definitely saved the best for last with O. Despite its short name, it’s a show that will linger the longest in your fondest memories if you buy tickets and go watch it.

O is, above all, an aquatic show. The French word for water is eiu, which is how the title of the production is actually pronounced. The entire show takes place above and surrounding a huge pool that contains about 1.5 million gallons of water.

Permanently taking place in a Vegas opera house, you’ll see aerial dances and acrobatics, diving sequences, choreographed synchronized swimming, fire eating and breathing, contortion, dance, and the famous Russian Swing act. It’s bound to be an amazing experience sober, but being high magnifies your senses and makes you feel like a part of a show that goes on forever.

Head to Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas is fun in and of itself, but Cirque du Soleil is a must-see while you’re there. It’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life and something you’ll regret not seeing if you skip out. Plus, seeing it high will add a whole new dimension of trippy to an already trippy show.

Now that you know the best Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas shows to see high, click here to order the cannabis that will enhance your experience. It’s affordable and completely legal for those 21 and older, so why wait to get some? Just remember you can only consume cannabis products in a private residence!