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You may have heard about and be familiar with some of the positive benefits that cannabis can have on your mind and body. One interesting topic that’s worth diving deeper into is to study if cannabis can help keep your mind young. If so, this can be a life-altering and empowering element to add to your self-care routine.

Many studies are showing that a daily dose of cannabis may protect and heal the brain from the effects of aging, which also presents questions and the urge to perform further studies on the matter. Research continues to reflect that it may have the power and ability to sharpen your mind later in life. Take the time to learn more about this correlation and what this means for you and your brain.

Aging & Your Brain

As you age, your brain will shrink in volume, the possibility of stroke increases, and your memory will likely decline. Imagine being able to reverse these negative possibilities, and instead live your life with a healthy and high-functioning mind. Aging is inevitable, and instead of being afraid of it, it’s in your best interest to embrace it and find ways to age gracefully.

It’s possible that a daily dose of cannabis can keep your mind young and sharp. Studies support the idea that cannabis can boost the brain in the elderly instead of dull it. It’s important to note that there may be different effects cannabis has on the brain between a young and an old brain, specifically when referring to mice. The findings raise the intriguing possibility that THC and other “cannabinoids” might act as anti-aging molecules in the brain.

What the Studies Show

In the studies that show cannabis can help keep your mind young, mice are the subjects, not humans. There was reportedly a study of THC completed in the late 1990s that showed the rats that were given steady doses of THC lived longer on average than rats that didn’t have THC.

Teams from the University of Bonn and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a leader in medical cannabis research, also came together to study how daily microdoses of THC impacted the aging process of brain cells. The results were remarkable. Essentially, THC helped turn old brains into young brains again.

The scientists noted, “Together, these results reveal a profound, long-lasting improvement of cognitive performance resulting from a low dose of THC treatment in mature and old animals.” It’s important to note that the age of the mice and the dosage seems to have an impact on how beneficial cannabis is on the brain.

Cannabis Benefits at Work

cannabis plant

The studies also show that regular low-doses of THC can boost memory and learning. The focus is on the results that the older mice were able to regress to the state of a two-month-old mouse. Given all this information, there’s hope that THC could be an effective alternative for treating problems like dementia. Research teams are now planning human trials to find out whether older people can benefit from low doses of THC too and, if so, from what age it is beneficial. If these data findings hold up in humans, it may suggest that THC isn’t likely to have a negative impact if you’re using the right dose. 

David Nutt, neuropsychopharmacologist of Imperial College London continues to research and stay hopeful that cannabis has several beneficial effects on the brain. Not only can it possibly keep your mind young, but Nutt and his colleagues have also found that THC use protects alcoholics from alcohol-induced brain damage.

Improving Your Cannabis Experience

It’s possible these studies and findings have you curious about using cannabis in your daily life. Be glad to know there are many benefits that THC may bring to your life and health. It’s important to start small and consider microdosing so that you don’t experience any negative side effects. It’s recommended to find a comfortable and quiet place to begin using cannabis and that you take it slow and steady, so you don’t become alarmed or anxious. Know what to expect so that you understand the feeling you will have after using cannabis and getting the high that’s associated with it. You can check out the latest news and updates by visiting our news page on our website. Speak to others who have or who are using it and see what products and tips they recommend as you get started.

Buying Cannabis

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You should now have a better idea of how cannabis may be able to help keep your mind young. Imagine having a better memory, better concentration, and less brain regression as you age. It’s certainly worth continuing the conversation and diving deeper into the topic in the future. It’s normal to wonder what could be if you started using a low daily dose of cannabis and were able to experience benefits in your mind and brain. If you’re considering using more cannabis in your life and routine, then it’s best to start slow and monitor your experience. Stop into Planet 13 or shop online to find the products you desire and to get all of your questions answered.