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When it comes to vaping, Pax aims to do things a little differently with the signature Pax Era line of products. The Pax Era pen is a distinctive vape that comes equipped with a range of innovative features that make for an enjoyable vaping experience. Find out more about what this range of products has to offer below.

Pax Era Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Pax Era pen is the sleek design. It looks the part and oozes modernism and simplicity. The thin and discreet pen comes in a simple black color made to blend seamlessly into your daily routine. It’s also very light, making it easy to carry around and is supplemented with bright LED lights. The pods simply pop in and out smoothly in a way that enhances the overall elegance of the design.

Ease of Use

The Pax Era contains a range of features that are aimed at making the device intuitive to use. To check the battery level, you simply shake the device and the temperature level is displayed using the built-in LED lights. Green is the lowest temperature and red the highest, with yellow and orange in between. Designed to be simple and easy to use. 


Of course, what matters most is how the Pax Era performs when in use. It’s easy to use and the battery life is tried and tested, offering 45+ minutes of battery but often lasting much longer. The pen is charged using a micro USB cable and the heat time offered by the device is instantaneous. The speed with which it heats up is impressive and the four heat settings allow for a customized user experience.

Pax Era Pods

A major part of the Pax Era pen experience involves the Pax Era Pods. These are the pods that slide into the device and use a unique liquid feed system for vaping. Food-grade polycarbonates are used for added safety and each pod contains a pre-filled THC oil cylinder. The Pax Era Pods offer plenty of variety, with many various strains and potencies available to order.

Innovative Features for a Personalised Experience

Pax Era is not only sleek and easy to use, but it is also innovative. The use of the Pax app in controlling the vapor and the temperature settings of your pen is one example of this. The temperature can be changed based on your individual preference and it can be changed by a single degree at a time for maximum customization. The device can even be locked from the app on your smartphone.

Order Now at Planet 13
If you’re interested in trying out Pax Era products and seeing what they have to offer, you can order today at Planet 13, the best Las Vegas cannabis entertainment complex and dispensary. There are numerous ways to order and get your hands on the products you’re looking for, depending on your personal preference. You can order online and we’ll deliver the products to you, place an order and pick up during our curbside services, or simply drop by our store and work with a budtender to select your favorite Pax Era products.