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Cannabis has changed significantly over time. Back in the 1960s, if you smoked cannabis, chances were you’d be smoking sativa, which remained the most commonly found and popular form of cannabis all the way up to the late 1970s. These original strains of cannabis are now known as “landrace strains”. Sativa are long and lanky plants with narrow leaves and delicate flowers. While the plant originated in Eastern Asia, it is easy to cultivate and consequently came to have a widespread cosmopolitan distribution. You can also get landrace strains from indica plants, which are shorter, wider, bushier, and have more dense flowers than sativa plants. Landrace strains tend to go by the original name of the place they were developed. For example, common landrace strain names include “Hindu Kush”, “Pure Afghan”, “Acapulco Gold”, “Durban Poison”, “Panama Red” and “Lamb’s Bread”. Each location has its own terroir – growing practices and environments that are unique to each of these six listed strains. These practices and environments give each strain their distinct appearance and chemistry.

Can You Buy Pure Landrace Strains Today?

Over the years, elements of both sativa and indica plants have been selectively bred to create a more potent and reliable source of cannabis. Positive elements of the two plants have been bred in, while less desirable elements have been bred out. You can find cannabis with elements of landrace strains very easily. However, pure landrace strains have a much smaller following and are consequently supplied less and ultimately more difficult to find. If you do source a landrace strain from a cannabis dispensary, chances are it will be less potent than most modern-day strains. They will most likely be referred to as “heirloom strains” and will carry the genetics of landrace strains but generally lack the original terroir.

Is Landrace Any Better Than Modern Day Strains?

When it comes to choosing the right cannabis for you, any of our staff at our cannabis entertainment complex, Planet 13, will be able to tell you that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your cannabis. Our Las Vegas dispensary located conveniently near the Las Vegas Strip is the largest cannabis dispensary around for a reason – different types of cannabis suit different people and we like to be able to provide everyone with what they want and need. If you’re considering trying landrace strains, you need to be aware that landrace is a specification that solely describes a plant’s genetic purity and indicates an indigenous upbringing. It doesn’t say anything about the quality of the plant itself. Landrace strains won’t necessarily meet your needs any better based on their genetic purity or indigenous upbringing alone. If you’re looking for cannabis that has less diluted DNA or is closer to their wild counterparts, landrace could tick your boxes. If you’re more focused on achieving your desired recreational or medical effects, a more modern strain that has been specifically bred for this purpose could prove much more effective.

Should You Try A Landrace Strain?

There’s no harm in trying something new. Often, with cannabis products, the only way to find out the best form of cannabis for you is to experiment and give a few different types a try until you find the perfect strain for you. So, if you haven’t tried a landrace strain before, it’s almost certainly worth a try! At the end of the day, you have little to lose, but a whole lot to gain through trying them out!

Available Landrace Cannabis

Here at Planet 13 Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on being the best Las Vegas dispensary and offering a wide variety of cannabis products. Seeing as we’re also the largest dispensary in Las Vegas, it’s not all too surprising that we do stock some descendants of landrace strains! These include:





If you’d like to know anything else about landrace strains in particular, or cannabis in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialist team members at our Las Vegas Strip dispensary. They’ll be able to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision and find the right cannabis product for your needs and preferences.