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Cannabis is growing in popularity and more people are using it for many different reasons. However, while you may be enjoying the benefits of using cannabis as part of your lifestyle, you may be less impressed with the lingering smell in your home. Of course, there are a few ways that you can eliminate that smell straight away, simply by stepping outside to use your cannabis or consuming an edible instead. When those options aren’t always convenient you may want to try alternative ways to ensure that you can keep your home smelling fresh, before and after cannabis use. This article will share some tips on how to achieve this and help you to keep your home smelling fresh. 

Store Your Flower Properly

There are many different benefits to keeping your flower stored correctly. Not only to keep it fresh but also to remove the scent. Storing your cannabis in a small, airtight container when not in use will help to keep the surrounding space free from the smell of cannabis. 

Ventilate when you do use cannabis

It may sound obvious, but as you use cannabis in your home it is important to ensure that you keep the air circulating. It will help to keep the smoke and smell from settling into your clothes and your furniture. You can do this by simply opening the windows to ensure there is proper air circulation while using cannabis. You could also use an air purifier or a fan to keep the air circulating as it should. 

Take a shower and wash your clothes

It may sound like another obvious suggestion, but you should shower after use and also wash your clothes. No matter how careful you are when using cannabis, it is guaranteed that there will be some sort of scent that will linger on your body. Take some time to enjoy a shower or bath and wash the lingering scent off. Sometimes the smell isn’t the room, it is you. Often people can forget this so it is worth making this part of your routine so that you can eliminate all factors. 

Use cannabis in your bathroom

The steam that is generated in your bathroom can be the perfect setting to not only be able to relax while using cannabis, but for the smoke to be ventilated away through the steam that is generated in the bathroom. You could even introduce the use of essential oils here with the steam which will also help mask the smell of cannabis and have your bathroom smelling divine during and after the use of cannabis. 

Light a candle or try incense

Some people think room sprays and deodorizers are good enough and while they can work well in the short term, you may find that it covers up the smell rather than tries to get rid of it. This is when lighting a scented candle or a slow-burning incense can help. Using these before and during the time you are using cannabis will help to eliminate the scent and stop it from lingering as strong as it may have done without. This could also add to the experience of relaxation so choose a scent that you love. 

Try a vape or hand pipe instead 

Vaping may be a different way of using cannabis, but it could be a great way to help you eliminate the scent through the smoke. You could also try a hand pipe as it can result in less smoke being generated. Less smoke will mean less opportunity for the smell to attach to furniture and clothes. 

Use plug-in air fresheners 

Another option would be to use plug-in air fresheners that work in your home all of the time. They often have a boosting element that you can use after using cannabis that will help to establish a fresher scent in your home once you have finished. Plug-in air fresheners are working all of the time, so they can be more effective than using a spray that can only give short term effects.

Let’s hope this has given you some options on how you can keep your home smelling fresh when using cannabis. 
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