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According to studies almost half of the total U.S. population has experienced the effects of cannabis consumption, including the shared experience that many everyday instances just seem to be funnier and easily produce laughter when you consume cannabis.

Well, that isn’t because consuming cannabis makes everything funny or gives the user the perfect comedic timing – what makes you laugh post cannabis consumption is how the plant interacts with and affects specific areas of your brain.

How Is Cannabis Consumption Associated with Increased Laughter?

Although there isn’t a lot of information available on this subject, researchers have gathered enough evidence to suggest that cannabis consumption is actually associated with increased laughter. “It is said to increase blood flow in various parts of the human brain, some of which are interlinked with brain cells that drive laughter”, says Dr. James Hamblin.  

However, this isn’t the only reason why a dose of cannabis gives you a dose of giggles every time you consume it, either by smoking, vaping, or ingestion. A better explanation for this could be that cannabis can lighten your entire mood and positively elevate your body – helping your mood to be included towards laughter a lot more than usual. “Your mood and body are elevated because of the neurotransmitters’ release and less because of the changes in the patterns of blood flow”, further explains Hamblin.

The release of neurotransmitters happens when cannabinoids present in cannabis products like THC and CBD, react with cannabinoid receptors present inside the human brain. These receptors work as a catalyst for all the different kinds of effects associated with cannabis consumption, such as heavy body effects, cerebral heady effects, and the all-around euphoric feeling.

Even though a lot of research has to be conducted to determine how THC, CBD, and terpenes found in cannabis plants impact the brain overall, the evidence is strong enough to suggest that they do.

At one point, Hamblin states that “THC can react with the receptors found in the human brain in such a way that it activates their mesolimbic system – causing the release of endorphins and dopamine.” These are the exact compounds that get activated post a full-fledged workout or when you’re in love. In short, they are activated when you feel thrilled and happy, which can lead to feeling more relaxed and calm, and less-inhibited promoting laughter.

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Why Does Everything Seem Funny Post Cannabis Consumption?

Everything doesn’t become funnier, but that’s your perception about things that have become funnier. Cannabis has the tendency to make humans feel lighter about most day-to-day things that take up space in the mind and contribute to stress – taking away the worries and emotions that come with them for a period of time. Thus, the absence of these stressful thoughts and feelings may help you feel happier, eventually leading to laughter.

“The elevated state your body is in when you consume cannabis plays an immense role in triggering laughter”, says Timothy Fong, a psychiatry professor at UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative. Consequently, the situations that might not seem funny to you when sober become funnier all of a sudden when you have consumed cannabis.

This also happens because cannabis consumption is “likely to decline the paradigm for a surprise in your mind”, says Dr. Mitch Earleywine. Due to this phenomenon, the standard for finding normal occurrences surprising and funny declines, and makes every other thing you hear funny.

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