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The pandemic shook everyone to the core and changed a lot of things in day-to-day life. While we all have at least one favorite experience we missed most this year, for the cannabis community across the country one missed shared experience was hanging out with a group of friends and trying new strains of our favorite cannabis plants! But humans are ever-evolving beings who adapt to the changes in the world and come up with new, innovative, alternate solutions to keep communities close! 

Today we’ll talk about how we can revive the joy of sharing cannabis together while following all safety measures. 

Virtual Get-Together

The first thing that comes to mind when we suggest that we all get together through online platforms is, “It’s not the same”. However, while solo cannabis sessions can be needed and enjoyable at times, it can be lonely! Especially, when you consider all of the individual time alone we’ve had in the last year.

One alternative option would be to host a virtual session for you and your cannabis community!  Make a plan to order a new strain you’ve been dying to try to your respective homes and then you can watch a movie together, discuss the new strain and replicate the social experience of the in-real life meet-ups you’ve missed.

Share The Cannabis Apart

One of the joys of smoking cannabis is having someone to share it with. You can make that happen by buying cannabis products from Planet 13, the largest cannabis dispensary in Vegas. 

The main aspect of sharing cannabis with someone is the connection! While the gathering might not be what we desire or have experienced in the past, it can still be memorable! Get your friends to buy the same product, connect on that online call, share your opinions and have a game night or brainstorm session on the future trips to your favorite dispensary you’ll plan once it’s safe to do so again! 


Planet 13 HaHa Edibles

Another alternative to enjoying cannabis together with your pals comes in the form of edibles. Cannabis-infused edibles are a good option you can try together even though you’re far apart. 

Get your friends and yourself some Haha Beverages or Dreamland Chocolates by Planet 13, one of the best Vegas dispensaries, and set up a time to create an edible-infused recipe together, virtually. You could make your own mocktail with a Haha Beverage as an ingredient, or even add some Dreamland chocolate to your ice cream sundae to cool you down during the summer heat.

Planet 13 offers delicious and good quality cannabis edibles that are superior to other brands. They offer a wide range of edibles from brownies, gummies, chocolate bars to drinks, snacks, and cookies. 


We all know we have to stick to the guidelines and safety protocols to ensure that we can put this pandemic far behind us as soon as possible. Getting through these times can be done by indulging in the little joys life still has to offer, like the premium cannabis products at Planet 13. If that joy comes from swapping cannabis product reviews together with friends that’s a great safe alternative in a post-pandemic world to in-person meetings!

Head to Planet 13, the world’s largest cannabis entertainment complex that offers top-of-the-line recreational cannabis with great deals to get any of your cannabis products 24/7. Visit us in-store, or use our exceptional delivery and curbside pickup services at your convenience!