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Cannabis ​​delivery is ​​becoming ​​increasingly ​​popular across​​ the United ​​States, especially ​​in states where ​​recreational​ ​​cannabis use ​​​​is legal. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for cannabis delivery as dispensaries shifted to contactless purchasing options. Now, cannabis ​​enthusiasts ​​and first-time ​​users alike ​​are discovering ​​the convenience of ​​getting their favorite ​​products delivered right ​​to ​​their ​​door.

Planet 13 Las Vegas, the Vegas cannabis enthusiasts’ favorite cannabis entertainment complex, offers comprehensive delivery services to meet the growing demand. Whether you’re a tourist on the Strip or a local looking to avoid the crowds, cannabis delivery is the perfect option.

This​​ article​​ will explore the​​ rise of cannabis​​ delivery, its​​ benefits, and tips​​ for ordering from Planet 13​​ Las Vegas.

The Pandemic Solidified Cannabis Delivery

When pandemic lockdowns began in March 2020, many wondered if cannabis sales would decline without in-store purchasing. However, the opposite happened. Cannabis sales in the U.S. soared to $18 billion in 2020, up from $10.7 billion in 2019.

Several factors contributed to this growth:

  • Dispensaries rapidly scaled up delivery and curbside pickup options. Planet 13 Las Vegas invested heavily in its delivery fleet and online ordering system.
  • Cannabis provided stress and anxiety relief during difficult times. New users came on board, expanding the total addressable market.
  • Delivery expanded access to new customers and markets. Smaller dispensaries could compete through delivery, growing the number of dispensaries from 2,000 in 2019 to over 7,400 in 2020.

By removing barriers and friction to cannabis purchasing, delivery opened the floodgates for millions of new orders.

Well before COVID-19, a delivery boom was brewing. In 2016, 44% of medical cannabis patients reported using delivery. By late 2019, delivery sign-ups jumped 60% as services expanded.

Forward-looking dispensaries like Planet 13 Las Vegas invested early in delivery infrastructure. As a result, dispensaries with delivery saw sales growth of 22% higher than those who had to adapt post-pandemic.

In California, removing delivery radius limits in 2019 catalyzed growth. In Q1 2018, California saw $72.6 million in tax revenue from cannabis. Just one year after removing limits, Q4 2019 revenue soared to $172.7 million.

By ​providing easy ​access to safe, ​legal cannabis, delivery​ met customers’ needs ​better than traditional ​retail.

Cannabis Products

Here to ​Stay: Today’s ​Delivery ​Trends

The pandemic ​permanently ​changed consumer ​preferences and ​behaviors around ​delivery. Across ​industries ​like ​food, ​alcohol, ​and retail, ​demand has ​skyrocketed.

Cannabis delivery is no exception to this trend. In 2020, there was one cannabis delivery order placed every 8 seconds in California – nearly 4 million orders!

Uber has even hinted at potential cannabis delivery offerings if federal regulations change.

Today, approximately 90% of cannabis customers prefer delivery over in-store shopping according to recent polls. The market has spoken, and delivery is here to stay.

Avoiding Crowds? Planet 13 Delivery Has You Covered

As a top Las Vegas strip dispensary, Planet 13 offers best-in-class cannabis delivery:

Simple ordering online – Browse real-time menus on our user-friendly website and check out in just a few clicks.

Fast delivery – Our fleet of drivers ensures fast delivery right to your location.

Top quality products – All your Planet 13 favorites, from flower to concentrates and edibles.

Discreet packaging – Products arrive in discreet, secure packaging to protect your privacy.

Confirmation call – A budtender calls to confirm your order and ID before sending the driver.

Curbside pickup – Can’t wait for delivery? Choose curbside pickup and we’ll bring your order right to your vehicle.

Avoiding Couch Lock: Tips for Great Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery makes it easier than ever to enjoy top-shelf products right in your living room. However, with so many choices available, it can be tough to avoid over-consumption and the dreaded “couch lock.”

Here are some tips as you order delivery from Planet 13 Las Vegas:

  • Start low, go slow – Especially for new users, start with a low dose edible or vape pen. You can always consume more, but you can’t go back!
  • Hydrate – Dry mouth is a common cannabis side effect. Have water on hand to stay hydrated.
  • Plan activities – Have snacks, games, movies or music ready to keep yourself engaged, not just melting into the couch.
  • Choose sativas – Sativa strains provide more euphoric and creative effects compared to sleepy indicas.
  • Take breaks – When consuming edibles, wait at least 90 minutes before taking more.
  • Limit mixing – Stick to one product at a time until you know its effects. Combining multiple products can lead to over-intoxication.
  • Set reminders – Use your phone to set timers limiting your consumption or reminding you to get moving!

By following these tips when ordering delivery from Planet 13 Las Vegas, you can avoid couch lock and enjoy a pleasant, safe cannabis experience.

The Market Has Spoken: Cannabis Delivery is The Way to Go

Cannabis delivery is exploding with good reason – it meets customer needs for safety, convenience, and quality service. The pandemic accelerated this trend as new users flooded the market.

Planet 13 Las Vegas offers best-in-class delivery for tourists, locals, and medical patients alike. Whether it’s delivering discreetly to your hotel or avoiding crowds with curbside pickup, we have you covered.
Take your Las Vegas cannabis experience to the next level with delivery from the world’s largest entertainment complex. Order online or visit our cannabis dispensary location today!

Cannabis Products

Planet 13 Offers The Best Delivery Service In Las Vegas

Planet 13 is a cannabis entertainment complex that has a comprehensive cannabis delivery system in place. You can use our online menu to order delivery between 9 am to 12 am. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to our online menu.
  2. Browse the cannabis products and choose the one you want.
  3. Check out.
  4. Wait for a confirmation call from one of our budtenders.
  5. Enjoy your delivery at your doorstep.

Minimum order of $50 pre-tax is required for the confirmation of delivery orders. We are a leading dispensary near the Las Vegas strip that also offers curbside pickup options. Simply place your order online and get a pickup time and dispensary location. Visit the dispensary at the given time and collect your order.

In-store shopping is also available at Planet 13. Our Las Vegas dispensary is operational 24/7. For the safety of guests, social distancing and COVID-safety guidelines are followed at our biggest Vegas dispensary.

Choose your preferred cannabis purchasing method, and enjoy top-quality products in Nevada without hassle.