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The biggest cannabis entertainment complex – Planet 13 – recently expanded its footprint by moving to Chicago. The best Vegas dispensary first opened in Sin City in 2018, and has recently launched its second cannabis entertainment complex in Orange County.

In addition to the two complexes, the company decided to tap into the Illinois market and seek to start operations in the Windy City. The Planet 13 team has had their eyes set on bringing the biggest cannabis entertainment complex to the people of Chicago for some time now. Just recently, they broke the exciting news that Planet 13 would be establishing its third U.S. location in Windy City. 

The Cannabis Superstore   

Planet 13 Las Vegas Taxi

This new space is opening with the collaboration of Frank Cowen, who has a 51% share in the business while Planet 13 owns 49% of the total stake. While advocates of cannabis are anxiously waiting for the launch, the inauguration date is still under review. However, everyone is excited to see Planet 13 win an adult-use Dispensing Organization License.

Both Planet 13 Co-CEO, Larry Scheffler, and Frank Cowan are looking forward to this venture as Chicago offers a highly lucrative market. In an interview, Frank said that Planet 13 is the best Vegas dispensary and that he is excited to be part of this successful venture. Once launched, this will be the third successful chapter for the largest cannabis dispensary in Vegas.

Planet 13 Has Been Seeking a Place in Chicago

The decision to try out luck for a license here was solely based on this city’s exponential progress in cannabis sales year after year. According to Larry, the ever-growing population of Chicago is bound to increase the cannabis demand in the coming years.

Accessing Cannabis in Chicago

Chicago has slightly different rules than most other states when it comes to cannabis possession and consumption. They are allowed to possess a little more than an ounce of cannabis. However, if you are a non-resident traveling to Chicago, you can only have up to half an ounce of the flower.

Public consumption remains illegal across the country, which means you can only consume cannabis on private properties, discreetly. However, a lot of people in Chicago like to explore the city after consuming cannabis. 

Some of the most popular destinations you can visit after cannabis consumption are the Wrigley Field, Second City, and The Bean. You can even access guides here who take you to the best spots, so you can truly enjoy the essence of the city.

Once the Planet 13 Chicago chapter commences, you will have yet another place to purchase cannabis from. The news has excited a lot of users across the state of Illinois due to the reputation and experiences they have had at the previous Planet 13 cannabis entertainment complexes in Orange County and Las Vegas.

Buy Cannabis From the Biggest Dispensary in Vegas

If you’re residing in Nevada and want to have a unique cannabis buying experience, head over to Planet 13’s largest cannabis dispensary near Las Vegas strip. We operate 24/7, so you can visit at the most convenient time for you.

You can also place your order online for delivery or curbside pickup between 9:00am and 12:00am.