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Turning 21 has its own charm, as it’s the memorable legal age to consume alcohol in the United States. However, many don’t know that in Florida and many other states, the age of 21 brings another hype – it makes them the legal age to acquire and use recreational cannabis!

The sale and consumption of cannabis have already soared a lot in the past few years. The pandemic, which destroyed most flourishing industries across the US, brought a significant increase in demand in the cannabis industry. From college students to senior citizens, everyone has begun to invest in cannabis for one reason or another.

If you are a cannabis enthusiast and consume recreational cannabis, chances are you already know all there is to learn about adult use.

This blog is focused on guiding people who are turning 21 soon or have recently become of the legal age to enjoy recreational cannabis (currently, eighteen states have legalized adult-use) and are seeking information regarding cannabis. 

Always Opt For the Dispensary 

The last thing you want to do is opt for illegal cannabis consumption methods – HIGHLY discouraged! If you have reached the age of 21, and are residing in a state that has legalized adult-use cannabis, you are eligible to buy recreational cannabis from the best cannabis entertainment complex around, and enjoy the potential effects with no legal implications. The dispensary ensures that you have access to safe cannabis and knowledgeable budtenders. 

However, you would require some documentation to prove you are of the legal age for recreational cannabis. You would need a valid state-issued driver’s license, as well as a passport or ID.

The best part about purchasing cannabis legally through a dispensary is that each and every product on the shelf is tested for safe use, and is free from potential contaminants. In other words, legal adult-use cannabis offers you the cleanest and safest way to enjoy the psychoactive feeling you’ve been longing for.

Be Aware of Where You Are!

Just because your state has legalized recreational cannabis does not mean that consumption is accepted just anywhere. First off, it is important to know that cannabis (medical or recreational) is still illegal federally. It means that you are not allowed to consume cannabis at any public place. Doing so can lead to certain legal repercussions, and the entire purpose of this blog is to keep you away from those adverse consequences.

For the best, stress-free experience, it is best to consume your pre-roll or edibles at a private property with the necessary permissions. It’s important to state here that even some private properties, like a restaurant or a bar, that are open to the public are no-smoking zones for cannabis. So, always ask around and double-check before you light up your pre-roll – enjoying cannabis on legal grounds will not only keep you safe from legal action, but will also amplify your overall consumption experience.

What Effects Are You Looking For?

Different people have different reasons for consuming cannabis. Some users opt for it to treat mounting stress and anxiety; others just want to enjoy their time at a private party. Knowing your reason behind consumption will allow budtenders to provide you with the strains and dosages that meet your expectations.

The cannabis industry in the US has come a long way since its inception. Today, there are thousands of strains and multiple ways of consuming them. Share with budtenders what you aim to achieve with your consumption, and they will provide you with the perfect cannabis products accordingly.

Understand Your Tolerance 

Some strains may seem a little too potent in THC content for new users, and consuming them as a newbie may lead to an unpleasant experience. Understanding the dosage and potencies of cannabis can be complex and a bit challenging to some people, but things become clearer with time and understanding. You also need to consider terpenes, which can significantly contribute to your cannabis consumption experience.

To avoid all this hassle and ease your way into the cannabis community, you can always rely on budtenders at leading cannabis dispensaries to guide you through your way to becoming a pro user. They deal with thousands of customers weekly and know precisely about the strains, potencies, terpenes, and the different methods of consumption that will suit you as a beginner.

Dose Gradually

A common mistake new users make is that they proceed too quickly with the dosage. Increasing dosages abruptly can lead to unsatisfactory experiences. You want your cannabis experiences to be relaxing and satisfying, which translates to a steady increase in THC dosages.

If you add too much too soon, you might start to feel dizzy and nauseous, which is why experts always recommend taking things slow. Once you are used to a certain dosage, you can discuss with your budtenders and increase the amount of THC in your cannabis to further amplify your experience. The key is to make your body and mind tolerant to a certain amount of THC before increasing it.

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