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Consuming cannabis no longer holds the same stigma as it did for previous generations. Long gone are the days of the “closeted stoner,” and the variety and quality  of cannabis products have contiued a forward momentum in the industry. From artisan crafted glass pieces, to high-tech vaping technology, there’s something for everyone in the modern day cannabis space. AirBuds, one of the newest drops at the largest dispensary in the world, offers users a unique vaping experience and the ability to immerse themselves in a lifestyle that’s truly like no other. This blog details the luxurious experience of AirBuds, and where you can continue that luxe experience all night long on the Las Vegas strip.

What are AirBuds?

First, let us introduce you to the brand that’s been praised by HighTimes Magazine as “the perfect pen if you have an affinity for oil.” This all-in-one system is perfect for on-the-go cannabis users, featuring: multiple oil pods, a sleep vaporizer, a USB-C charging cord, and a discreet charging case. Green Pac Supply spent two years perfecting this system, to create a combination of ease of use, discretion, simplistic styling, and consistent quality time after time. The advanced ceramic heater has an ultra-high firing temperature of 1,200 degrees farenheit which allows over 100 million micro pores to evenly distribute across the oil supply area- resulting in 2.4 times more capacity than most other ceramic heaters. Beyond the technological advancements of AirBuds, the discreet charging case is a perfect balance between exhilarating design and high-fidelity vaping technology. Its sleek, yet powerful shape allows you to take your AirBuds anywhere: work, home, or play- AirBuds are ready to go when you are with a sustained charging ability.

Planet 13 Las Vegas AirBuds
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What other luxurious experiences can I have in Las Vegas?

So you’ve grabbed your new AirBuds device, tested the product at a private residence, and now you’re wondering where to keep the good-times coming? Let us suggest a few of our favorite things to do in Las Vegas, near and around Planet 13 Las Vegas!

Trece Eatery + Spirits

Located within the Planet 13 Entertainment Complex, Trece Eatery + Spirits offers guests an out-of-this-world experience. Las Vegas Magazine praises the menu variety at Trece, confirming options for everyone- “vegetarian or carnivore”! Whether it’s the cauliflower tacos, or ricotta cheese ravioli, there’s a dish option for everyone! Your next out-of-this-world restaurant experience won’t be complete without the perfect drink to pair, and Trece can deliver! It can be a specialty cocktail, glass of wine, or one of the 12 beers on tap- whichever you choose, it’ll taste even more refreshing inside of the greenhouse-style atmosphere of this restaurant.

Fashion Show Mall

Luxury can be described as a feeling, and when you look good, you feel good. After picking up your AirBuds, head over to the Fashion Show Mall just steps away from the largest Las Vegas dispensary! With more than 200 stores inside, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find that perfect outfit for a night on the Las Vegas Strip!

Flyover Las Vegas

Experience Las Vegas’ newest flyover attraction at Flyover Las Vegas, located at the Hardrock Cafe. Feel the magic of flight with immersive, state-of-the-art technology that lets you dip, dive, and glide over awe-inspiring landscapes, all without leaving the strip.

Coming Soon: Cannabis Lounges

Soon, cannabis enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a Las Vegas experience unlike any before. With the passing of Assembly Bill 341, cannabis lounges are set to launch in Nevada. Planet 13, the best Las Vegas dispensary, plans to open a lounge of its very own! Within cannabis lounges, guests can openly consume cannabis and enjoy their favorite strains, within a bar-like setting with fully trained servers.

Order Cannabis from Planet 13

You can head over to Planet 13 to get your favorite cannabis products or simply order online to get orders delivered to your doorstep. Planet 13 also curbside pickup options to its users for ease and convenience.