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We’ve all been there – buying another bag of cannabis gummies just to be disappointed by lack of flavor, unpleasant texture, not enough potency. Picking gummy out of your teeth just to end up with a mediocre high.

Well, those days are over. Say hello to Kosmik Brands, the leading cannabis edibles brand taking over the states, here to bring you nothing but the best when it comes to taste, texture, potency, and quality. Recognized as the founding fathers of high dosage and specialty cannabis gummies, Kosmik is on the road not taken, crafting a culinary experience in every bite.

Let’s take a look at how their cannabis gummies stand apart from the rest.


Kosmik’s first line of Blaster gummies set the bar for quality in the cannabis industry. With best-sellers like Big Bang Berry and Pink Lunar Lemonade, consumers everywhere continue to be captivated by their fruit-bursting flavors. All Kosmik edibles are an even 50/50 hybrid, providing you with the perfect high – not too high you become one with the couch or go down crazy YouTube rabbit holes. It’s smooth and mellow with just the right amount of upbeat energy to keep you going.

Kosmik Blasters with Caramel Center

There is a reason Big Bang Berry is Kosmik’s best-selling flavor. A satisfying blend of tangy, mixed berry perfection, this gummy is best paired with a patio and friends on a summer evening.

Another fan favorite, Pink Lunar Lemonade allows you to enjoy the sweet, citrusy flavor of summer all year long. Grab a bag before a barbeque by the pool.

An ode to their love for the Silver State, Kosmik gifted Nevada their very own Blaster flavor, Mercury Mango, a sweet mango flavor with hints of citrus. And that’s not all – Kosmik has more fruity flavors to keep you cool in the desert heat, such as Planetary Punch, Parsec Pineapple, and Pulsar Peach.

Not into sweets? Prepare your pucker face and try one of their perfectly sour flavors: Blue Raspberry Retrograde, Celestial Cherry, Gamma Green Apple, or Meteor Melon. They’re not half-assed sours either – these babies pack a punch.

Kosmik Blasters Big Bang Berry


Who said gummies have to be fruit flavors? Get your sweet tooth ready because these dank delicacies are here to satisfy your cravings!

Kosmik’s specialty gummies are unlike anything on the market. Inspired by popular desserts, these gummies have edible centers like real caramel, chocolate, and vanilla cream. These one-of-a-kind edibles are testament to Kosmik’s innovation and creativity. Like I said, Kosmik crafts a culinary experience in every bite.

Take a trip back to a crisp fall day at the state fair with Karamel Apple, a tangy green apple gummy with a real caramel center.

Reminisce about simpler times and indulge in America’s favorite sandwich with Peanut Butter & Jelly, Kosmik’s award-winning grape gummy with a real peanut butter center.

Gather around the campfire after a day on the lake with Supersonic S’mores, a marshmallow gummy with a real chocolate center, covered in graham cracker crumbles.

Whatever you need, Kosmik’s got you covered.

Come meet the Kosmik Crew at Planet 13, popping up every Thursday from 4 to 7pm! Order Kosmik Brands for curbside pickup or delivery at Planet 13 Las Vegas. Delivery and curbside pickup can be ordered from 9am-12am or visit the Las Vegas dispensary open 24/7 near the Las Vegas strip.