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Of all the cannabis products and methods you can try, Rick Simpson Oil is one of the most interesting. Known for its incredibly high concentration of THC, Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO as it’s known in the canna-world, is a highly concentrated whole-plant extract. It’s full-spectrum cannabis concentrate in the form of a sticky, dark caramel-colored oil

RSO was refined to be taken orally as a sublingual tincture (drops under the tongue) or topically to treat skin concerns. When taken orally, the high THC concentration can have considerable both psychoactive and therapeutic effects. For this reason among others, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for the best times of day to take Rick Simpson Oil for your lifestyle.  

Today, we’re here to talk about  the best time to take your RSO based on whether you’re taking it recreationally, medicinally, or following Rick Simpson’s original therapy recommendations.

The Best Times of Day to Take RSO

Morning, Noon, and Night: The Rick Simpson Way

  • The 8-Hour RSO Dose
  • Stay Home, Safe and Cozy
  • First Thing in the Morning
  • Your All-Day Topical
  • When Trouble is On the Horizon
  • 30 Minutes Before a Big Meal
  • Getting Ready for Bedtime
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Morning, Noon, and Night: The Rick Simpson Therapy Schedule

  • 90-Day intensity dose program
  • Same dose 3 times daily
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Bedtime
  • Slowly increase to 1 gram a day for 6 weeks
  • Decrease to a maintenance of 1 gram a month

The creator of RSO oil, Rick Simpson, actually had a “best times of day” schedule in mind. RSO was invented to help Rick battle his own skin cancer. Used topically, he developed a regime to slowly increase dosage over the course of 90 days using three doses a day – morning, noon, and night.

Rick Simpson suggests that you take RSO at 8-hour intervals; in the morning after you wake up, around lunchtime, and right before you go to bed. This provides a steady exposure to the high-THC concentrate and allows your endocannabinoid system to become increasingly active over this time.

During the 90 days, you are supposed to ramp up your oral or topical RSO doses from 1/4 drop (half a rice grain in size) three times a day, to 8 or 9 rice-grain-sized drops three times daily. After the 90 days, Rick suggests that you ramp back down to a maintenance dose of 1 gram a month spread out over equal doses three times daily. 

Not planning on a 90-day specialty treatment? Just want to enjoy your RSO during the most relaxing and beneficial times of day? Stay tuned, we have a few more practical daily tips to share.

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Take Every 8 Hours

Even if you’re not doing the Rick Simpson therapy plan, the one lesson we can take from RSO’s inventor is the idea of taking RSO every 8 hours. This tip indicates that RSO is meant to last about 8 hours per dose, especially with higher dosages. If you need an all-day THC solution without sneaking a vape puff every hour or so, then RSO is a pretty good investment. A few drops at each meal can keep you comfortable without popping gummies throughout your adventures.

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Take RSO When You’re Home and Happy

RSO taken as a tincture can be a powerful psychoactive. If you enjoy the feeling of cannabis, you’ll enjoy RSO, but you should be safe at home or in a secure and comfortable location. Make sure you are not going to be operating any heavy machinery while using RSO, which is a particularly potent cannabis concentrate.

RSO is typically made from heavy Indica strains and can come with a considerable body buzz. The best time to really enjoy Rick Simpson Oil is when you can curl up on the couch with a good movie, catch a nap in a sunbeam, or sink into a warm bath. Let the potent concentrate do its work while you enjoy the side effects of this therapeutic cannabis oil.

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First Thing in the Morning

One thing Rick had right was that RSO is pretty sweet to take first thing in the morning. It’s the ultimate wake-and-bake for those with nothing special to do – or a long morning routine before they need to be at work. RSO is potent and better for people who work from home or have a weekend to spare. But if you want to stave off medical symptoms from the moment you wake up or drift into a recreational dream state, try a few drops of RSO as you roll out of bed and greet the day.

Enjoy it with your morning tea, or as you roll out of bed. Try a dropper when you’re standing in the steamy shower or with your first cup of coffee.

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Your All-Day Topical

We’ve mostly been talking about the best times to take RSO orally, but Rick Simpson also meant RSO to be a topical medicine. In fact, the inventor himself used it primarily as a topical to treat his skin cancer. If you have a skin condition that is improved by high THC and cannabis oil concentrations, then you should consider using RSO on the recommended schedule or whenever you need it most.

As a topical to relieve itching, moisturize, and locally reduce pain, RSO is reliable and nicely long-lasting. Use it in the morning to set yourself up for a better experience, then re-apply as you start to feel symptoms around lunch time if you’ve remained comfortable throughout the morning.  This can help ease distracting skin sensations and help with your long-term skin health. According to Rick, it may aid in your recovery.

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A Little RSO When Trouble is On the Horizon

While most take RSO at a set time, sometimes you know you’re going to need a little more. If you take RSO for anxiety, the best time for a dose is often right before you experience something stressful. If you have a family gathering, a public performance, or a triggering situation around the corner, give yourself a little buffer against your own anxious reaction. 

A sublingual drop of RSO can help you to calm down and remain feeling pleasant through a difficult or challenging situation. Many people who experience chronic pain also use situational RSO to help reduce the pain of an uncomfortable activity or duration. You might take an extra drop of RSO before a long car ride or a long walk where you know your joints will start to ache.

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30 Minutes Before a Big Meal

Is cannabis your primary way to enjoy food and digest comfortably? From anxiety to cancer, there are hundreds of conditions that make eating harder than it should be – and cannabis has always been helpful. RSO is especially helpful when taken orally (swallowed into your digestive system) to help ease that discomfort, increase your appetite, and make a nice meal enjoyable again.

If you know a big meal is around the corner, a few drops of RSO can help you enjoy the evening with your friends or family. The best time to take it is about 30 minutes before the meal begins, to ensure your body is already processing the THC by the time your party begins to eat.

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Getting Ready for Bedtime

Of course, the very best time for RSO is right before bed. If you want to drift off into deep, dreamless sleep free from the day’s worries and ailments, that’s part of what RSO was designed to do. Take a few drops orally and slip them between fresh sheets. Let the body high and the mild psychoactive effects carry you into a restful and comfortable sleep to wake refreshed the next day.

Ready to find your best times of day for RSO? You can find a great selection through our online menu. Contact us today to learn more.