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If you are an ‘experienced’ cannabis consumer, you’ve probably heard of dabbing. Even if you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve probably seen dab rigs and concentrates on your dispensary shelves and wonder what it might feel like or how to use it properly. Well, rest assured! We’re going to answer all of your most burning (pun intended) questions about the dabbing process and give you some insight of what a dab is. 

In short, the key to a perfect dab is simply good timing, temperature, and technique. Other than that there’s really not much more to dabbing, so it’s easy to break it all down.

How to take a Dab?

Dabbing is obviously very different from smoking, but that’s all it is: different. It’s still easy with the right equipment, there’s just no rolling, grinding, or measuring of flower required, which is why the dabbing tool kit differs so much from your rolling kit. 

The standard way to take a dab is to heat the dab nail to a high-enough temperature and use a dabber tool to scoop the dab (concentrate) directly to the nail. The next step, probably your favorite, would be to start inhaling by finishing off the hit with a carb cap. 

Types of Dabs

There are three different, but effective, methods for taking a dab, and just like most other forms of cannabis, there’s at least one consumption method you can find that suits you, and here are the three best options you can explore.

  • As per the standard method, the nail or any surface is heated to a smoking temperature before adding your dabs of concentrate. 
  • In a different method called Cold Start Dabbing, the concentrate is added to the surface while it’s still cold. For beginners, this might actually be the best option for beginners since you are less likely to overburn or destroy your dabs before you get to use them.
  • Finally, the third method, called Slurper or Terp Slurping, is a unique setup where your dab starts out cold (again) and melts down to oil that goes through this tube that makes it spiral and diminish as you inhale. The result is said to give you more smoke and more flavor from each hit. 

How hot does a Dab Rig need to be?

For you to dab, it does not even need to be hot. However, if you have a classic dab rig that requires heating the dab nail, then it is a necessity. So, the ideal temperature that suits most of the rigs is 545-570°F. At this temperature, you can extract just the right amount of flavor, essence, and potency without ruining the dab. 

However, if you’re looking to capture the maximum flavor then 350°F would be the best temperature, whether it be the dab itself or the dab nail heated to this temperature. In any case, if you wish to escape the heating hassle, electronic rigs or e-nails are a great choice. 

How long should you heat a Dab Rig?

The time for heating the dab rig can vary depending on the physical traits of your concentrates (e.g., thickness, quality, etc.). Ideally, you should be heating the dab rig for about 30 seconds and then let it cool for less than a minute. Around 45 to 50 seconds is a perfect cooling time. 

Is live Resin the same as Dabs?

Live resin is not at all the same as traditional dabs. Apart from the difference in terpenes, there are other key differences between the two: Traditional dabs are made from dried, cured, and ground cannabis buds. Live resin, on the other hand, is created using marijuana flowers that are freshly harvested. 

How to use a glass Dab Banger?

You can easily use the glass dab banger (or nail) by following these few simple and easy steps:

  1. Fill the rig’s chamber with water and use a torch to heat it till its red.
  2. When the banger is hot, let it cool for about 40 to 45 seconds
  3. Add the wax to the banger and use the mouthpiece to inhale it slowly.
  4. Using a carb cap, cover the dab, finish inhaling, and exhale the vapors. 

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