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Cannabis cultivators and production facilities today have mastered the skill of producing unique strains to produce different effects. This has enabled the manufacturers to cater to all these varying market demands, thereby scaling the sector to a large degree.

There are countless cannabis strains we can discuss along with their effects, but today, we have chosen the popular Do Si Do Strain. We have everything you need to know about this crowd-favorite strain.

The Type and Characteristics

The strain of Do Si Do (also called Dosidos or Dosi Doe) is a hybrid strain that was created by combining a multitude different strains together. It actually comes from the Indica species and is formed by crossing Face Off OG, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and OGKB.

Do Si Do strain contains over 20% THC, which provides users with significant psychoactive effects. It also contains 1% CBG which adds to the plant’s therapeutic nature. The Do Si Do strain contains a noticeably floral aroma which gives the user a feeling of sleepiness and relaxation.

Do Si Dos has an distinctly alluring aesthetic- it is composed of bright pistils, glittering trichomes, and lavender leaves: You could argue that it accurately represents the cannabis experience due to these characteristics and its very mellow elevation. The Limonene terpene dominates this strain which is why consumers also get to enjoy the added therapeutic effects of their plant, including stress relief and an overall mood boost.

Consuming Do-Si-Dos

Users both new and experienced tend to love Do Si Do due to its high potency. It will not take long before you start experiencing the psychoactive buzz from the THC. As the cerebral high kicks in, your body will then benefit from its stress and anxiety-relieving characteristics.

The best way to consume this strain is to sit back and relax after a hectic day or during a laid-back weekend. However, keep in mind that people often go into a couch-lock – it is best to keep your schedule clear so you can really enjoy this mellow strain to its fullest extent.

Do Si Dos is also known for a variety of medicinal benefits. Some of these include relieve anxiety and depression, suppressing mood disorders, as well as possibly treating chronic pain and inflammation. Do-Si-Dos could also benefit users suffering from sleep deprivation or insomnia.

Growing Your Do-Si-Dos Strain

One of the best parts about Do Si Do is that it is easier to grow than a lot of other strains. You need a humid and sunny environment. Such an environment can easily be emulated in an indoor setting with adequate ventilation (to get rid of the foul smell of the plant while growing). Growers and cultivators also use specific methods to acquire the strain’s purple tones that add to its vibrant aesthetic appeal.

Do-Si-Dos Products You Can Order

There are plenty of products made from Do-Si-Dos. You can order a 0.5g Do-Si-Dos Original Pod by STIIIZY’S that contains 85.24% THC to provide users with a very strong psychoactive buzz. You can also order an infused 1g pre-roll which contains 55.22% THC with a negligible 1.1% of CBD.

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