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When you buy cannabis at the dispensary, it comes in beautiful, dense little nugs glittering with kief. But when you smoke it, you want the finest, fluffiest leafy crumbles. There has always been some discussion about how to get your green from nugs to crumbles to preserve the best flavor, load the best bowl, or roll the best joint.

The answer, of course, is the right grinder. While you may have a great impromptu finger game, not everyone does.  A high-quality grinder can perfectly break up dense, dank, beautiful cannabis nugs into the right-sized modular fluff to fill any smoking implement. But what is the best grinder for loading bowls, joints, or blunts? 

That’s an interesting question. Let’s look into what an excellent cannabis grinder would look like.

What Makes a Truly Great Cannabis Grinder?

A truly great cannabis grinder would fulfill all the duties of a grinder and still go beyond. The average grinder is colorful aluminum, made with three parts, one chamber, and interlocking teeth. They do the job well, but also have known downsides like sticky threads and coarse grind. Here’s what you’re really looking for:

Grinding for Bowls

If you’re looking for the best grinder for bowls, a grinder that produces larger ground pieces can be ideal. These pieces are less likely to fall through or clog the chamber and more likely to form a supportive structure in the bowl as they burn. This can lead to a more even burn and easy to load bowls.

Grinding for Joints and Blunts

If you’re grinding cannabis to roll joints and blunts, the best grinders will have a finer grind where the result is closer to a fluffy cannabis powder or tiny soft sprinkles. This will help you to fine-tune perfect distribution, packing an even line of green fluff into the paper to create a consistent and well-built smoking experience.

Parts that Don’t Stick & Medical-Grade Easy to Clean

All grinders get sticky over time, but does the grinder start sticking when that happens? The best grinders for constant use are designed not to stick, with magnetic interlocking grinder caps instead of threads that fill with kief powder and must be cleaned constantly. 

Along a similar vein, you also want a grinder that is very easy to clean so when that sticky cannabis dust builds up, it takes almost no effort to get your grinder back to pristine performance.

Collecting Kief or Pollen

The best grinders of all time include a pollen catch and a third chamber just to catch kief. When you grind cannabis between the teeth of the grinder, this releases a great deal of the kief sticking to the nug. The kief shakes off inside the grinder, and the pollen screen catches and contains the finest particles. Not only is the inside of your grinder cleaner, but you also have a dope collection of natural concentrates to sprinkle over your next bowl or down the center of your next joint.

Grinding on the Go

Lastly, you want a grinder with good capacity. If you need to load a new bowl or roll a new joint on the go, you may not have time to carefully load and operate your grinder. But a grinder with a sizable chamber can hold several bowls – sometimes a whole week’s supply – at a time. The stash is ground ahead of time, so you can quickly load on the go.

How to Choose a Your Best Grinder

Of course, knowing the qualities of a great grinder doesn’t always make it clear which grinder you should buy, or which of your favorites you should carry. Whether you’re a one-grinder kind of person or a collector, you can use a few easy methods to help you decide the best grinder for you.

The Size of Your Hands and Pockets

Grinders come in a wide range of sizes. There are slim little pocket grinders and huge honkin’ storage grinders. There are grinders bigger than your hand and grinders you could hide in your palm. The right size depends on your personal and unique cannabis routine. If you do most of your grinding, bowl loading, and joint-rolling at home, then a large grinder could be the right answer. If you need a little cannabis on the go, a slim-profile grinder might be better to fit in your pockets without making an impression. Those traveling safely with cannabis may want a capacity grinder or even just a compartment to hold pre-ground flower instead.

Grinding Power for Flower Consistency

The next question is the grinding power. This one you’ll have to test out on your own, as there isn’t a standard set of stats on grinders that will tell you things like how smoothly it turns or how closely set the teeth are. But if you’ve had a few grinders, you know that some provide a finer grind and some coarser, some are tougher to turn but crunch hard, while others have a gentler glide but might need an extra push against the densest buds.

Your Ideal Carry Capacity

How much cannabis do you want to carry? And in what form? If you like your cannabis freshly ground for every bowl, you can carry a slim grinder and a bag or small jar of nugs. However, if you want to carry already ground flowers for quick loading, a grinder with capacity or a small container of pre-grind might be your best bet.

Your Favorite Color and Design

Lastly, don’t forget to choose your favorite color and design. Grinders come in all different colors, and many of them have beautiful, fun, or amusing patterns printed on them. Choose a grinder that not only works beautifully and suits your needs, but also makes you smile.

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