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Getting high is not just something that you do with cannabis, it’s a skill and an experience. You can have a good time just getting started, but the more skill you have in achieving that perfect level of high, the more fun you will have. 

Everyone has their perfect level. For some, they have the right level for each activity and phase of their day. Soaking in the tub? Being stoned to the gills might be just right. But if you’re toking sativa to focus on an art project, then you might want that perfect maintain. And if you’re just catching a puff to de-stress before diving back into your day, you might need pretty tight control over your high.

How do you control your high on cannabis? While there’s no antigen, it’s easier than you think to get more or less high based on your preferences and your schedule.

Today, we’re diving into a few pro tips on how to control your high, maintain, and how to deal with situations where you accidentally get way higher than you meant to.

Smoke and Maintain

To “maintain” with cannabis is to find your ideal level and stay there. Just like with alcohol or antihistamines, you want to top-up as you go, with short tokes or bites of an edible to stay at the level that you prefer. When you’re done maintaining, you can allow your cannabis level to drop naturally.

Know Your Zone

If you have explored cannabis a little already, then you are likely already getting a feel for where you most like to be. Some people want to go into another dimension right before bed, some like to get just a little warm-and-fuzzy to help deal with a busy day. You may have discovered your ideal upper limit, where you’d rather have your faculties, and you likely have a lower-limit where you can barely feel the positive effects.

Finding that space in between is a matter of practice, and of knowing your cannabis. Once you reach that level, the key is to pace yourself to stay there without flying too high or dipping out of your enjoyable zone.

How to Maintain Your Cannabis High

The right pace to maintain depends on how you are enjoying cannabis, the level you want to maintain, and your own metabolism. However, as a rule of thumb, smoke has the shortest cycle and edibles have the longest when it comes to maintaining a preferred cannabis level.

Smoke: Toke Every 15 – 60 minutes

If you are smoking, you can maintain by taking another toke every 15-60 minutes. If you are trying to ramp up your high and stay in an enjoyably psychoactive state for the evening, take a hit every 15 minutes. If you would like to pleasantly drift through an afternoon without becoming fully sober, toke about once an hour.

Vape: Puff Every 20 – 120 minutes

Vape can be powerful. If you are vaping and want to maintain a strong high, take a very short puff about every 20 minutes. If you would like to maintain a more relaxed high while vaping, take a long puff every hour or two and hold your hit for a few second before releasing through your nose and mouth. This will enhance your absorption and increase your high for another hour or so.

Edibles: Eat Every 30 minutes – 6 hours

Edibles metabolize slowly, so they take longer to feel and last much longer in your body. If you are taking small gummies that metabolize quickly, you can maintain with a gummy or half-gummy every 30 minutes – after waiting at least 45 minutes for the first gummy to kick in. For an all-day event or very slow and low-intensity cannabis release, try a larger edible every two to six hours instead. An edible should fully process out of your system in four to eight hours.

How to Reduce Your Cannabis High

What if you accidentally got too high, or you suddenly need to be sober when you thought you had the afternoon off? Nothing can cancel cannabis in your system, but you can help your body to process it more quickly without any unpleasant side-effects. Cannabis is processed with water through your cells. The more you drink water, sweat, and pee, the faster cannabis will leave your body. You can also more quickly feel clear headed with a few flushing and self-waking techniques.

Here’s how to feel less stoned very quickly

Drink Lots of Water

When you need to sober up from cannabis to reduce your high or not be high, start by drinking water. Cannabis uses water to flush out of your system, and this is true both in the long and short term. Drink a glass of water every hour or so to help your body carry cannabis out through your system.

Eat Some Food

If you want to feel less stoned and reduce the impact of cannabis on your body and mind, eat food. This will dilute the cannabis you are metabolizing, especially edibles have been your choice. While you will metabolize the remaining cannabis more slowly, you will also feel more clear-headed as a result of getting your metabolism in gear.

Exercise and Sweat

You can also sweat out cannabis with enough water, and then wash the cannabis sweat off your body. Exercise and raising your heart rate are also a great way to wake up and become more alert if you are stoned during a moment when you need to be alert and on point. 

Do jumping jacks, squats, or even dance vigorously to music to help your body process the cannabis faster and wake up your psychoactive mind.

Take a Shower

Once you have sweat some, catch a shower. If your sweat feels a little oily, this is normal and you will feel better after a rinse. You are also rinsing off any cannabis that was removed through your skin during the workout.

Coffee and Mouthwash

If you’re looking to feel more wakeful, you can combine the typical tricks for self-waking. Caffeine as found in coffee, pre-workout, and some sodas can help you perk up and get your circulation in gear while the minty shock of mouthwash can help you to feel more awake. It’s not sobriety, do not operate a moving vehicle, but it can help you deal with an at-home emergency with more clarity.

Wait It Out

Lastly, be prepared to wait out a cannabis high. If you are home and safe but would like to be less high than you are, give it 30 minutes. Cannabis can keep you cozy all day, but only if you choose to maintain. Simply by waiting it out, you can control your cannabis high.

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