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When you take a hit of cannabis, that initial head rush and dreamy feeling is what tells you that it’s “working”. The high of THC is a great indicator of the strength of your experience and can clue you in on how the other cannabis benefits like inflammation reduction and stress relief may play out for each high experience.

But how do you know if you are experiencing a “high” with non-psychoactive cannabinoids that don’t actually get you high? CBD, CBN, and CBG have all been lauded for their personal benefits including mood, comfort, and focus, but they do not include that one psychoactive effect that tells you when your cannabis is taking effect and when it is fading. 

However, because of the other benefits, it is still quite possible to tell when your CBD or CBG is hitting and when it fades. Based on holistic reports, we can share a comprehensive list of signs that you’ve got the good-good on non-psychoactive cannabis CBG concentrates.

Your Mood May Perceptibly Lighten

If there is one universal symptom of good cannabis – with or without THC – it’s an uplift in mood. Most people will report that a strong dose of CBD or CBG does provide a mood-lifting effect. You may find yourself relaxing, finding it easier to smile and laugh at the world around you, and feel stress melting that weight off your brain.

Many people report a feeling of being uplifted, both emotionally and physically. Though not psychoactive, a relief of physical and mental stress can make you feel a little floaty. Combined with a mile euphoria or a peaceful happy calm, this is a good sign that your CBD or CBG is taking effect.

Muscle and Joint Aches May Fade Into the Background

Many people seek CBD or CBG for their muscle-relaxing effects. While the precise influence is different from one person to the next, it has been found that these non-psychoactive cannabinoids have significant inflammation reduction qualities and have been used by athletes, hard-working people, and those who struggle with the physical manifestations of anxiety to help unwind after a hard day.

Because of this, you can often detect CBG or CBD taking effect when you begin to feel your body relax without having to focus on relaxing each muscle through meditation. You may notice your posture slouching more comfortably into the couch, or sinking deeper into your bathtub, as you are finally able to unwind with a little cannabinoid assistance.

You May Feel Warm and Fuzzy

Some people describe the feeling of a CBG “high” as warm-and-fuzzy. This feeling is similar to snuggling into your favorite blanket or curling up with a furry pet. The combination of emotional contentment and physical relaxation is perfect for an end-of-day experience, and can make you want to relax and enjoy yourself in a quiet, cozy way.

If you find your mood transitioning from tense and stressed out to a happy, warm-and-fuzzy feeling, then your CBG or CBD is doing what it should.

You Might Become Energetic and Uplifted

Of course, not everyone snuggles in for nap time. Many high-energy people are bound up by their stress and tension. As the effects of CBD or CBG start to unwind that tension, these users become energetic, uplifted, and able to tackle the rest of their day with more fervor than usual.

While not a psychoactive effect, the transformation can be significant if you were feeling bad beforehand. If you find yourself suddenly feeling up to doing all the dishes, finishing your extra work, or just partying all night with your friends without feeling stressed, this could also be a sign of your cannabinoids at work.

Or You May Discover Inner Peace

Instead of becoming energetic, you may find yourself becoming peacefully lost in your own thoughts – or able to enjoy thinking about nothing at all. Inner peace, meditation, and a simple quiet appreciation for the world around you can also be a sign of a CBD or CBG “high” taking effect. This is due to each of our individual reactions to the release of tension and a lifting of mood.

For naturally quiet people or those who need to take a break, you may find that CBx cannabinoids make it possible to leave stress-thoughts, anxiety, and physical tension behind to achieve that much-needed peace. This is a good time to take your cannabis to the back porch hammock to achieve true zen chill.

You May Suddenly Realize You Are Hungry

CBD and CBG cannot make you hungry, but they can open the channels for your body to send its natural hunger signals. Many people struggle with their appetite signals due to internal discomfort and/or early childhood issues. Many people can’t feel hunger due to digestive issues, can’t eat when they are hungry due to anxiety, or can’t tell when they are hungry because of the way they were raised.

Because CBG and CBD have effects that can reduce anxiety and ease inflammation-related discomfort, feeling suddenly hungry isn’t “the munchies” (that’s just for THC), but it is a healthy sign that your body is ready to eat – and that your cannabinoids are helping you feel that true signal.

You Might Find Yourself Able to Hyper-Focus on Your Art or Work

Some people find themselves extra focused when they use CBG or CBD during the day – or late at night. Focus occurs when the other things cluttering your mind are cleared away, which can be an effect of non-psychoactive cannabis. Those that are naturally inclined toward focus but have anxiety, rushing thoughts, or inflammation pain in the way may find themselves suddenly able to focus on their artwork, their hobbies and crafts, or their professional projects as the cannabis takes effect.

If you puff a little CBD leaf or vape some CBG concentrate and suddenly feel inspired to dive into your work or art, this is one of the known signs of a non-psychoactive high.

If You Are Tired, You May Finally Be Able to Sleep

Lastly, many who have trouble sleeping have reported that the effects of CBD and CBG help to fall into a deeper, more continuous sleep. If you take a little CBG or CBD and suddenly find yourself feeling like curling up around a pillow for a nice long nap, this is a good sign that the relaxing “high” is activating in the best way possible.

If you feel sleepy after using non-psychoactive cannabis, you were probably tired already but may now be finally able to enjoy a long, rewarding sleep. Enjoy with your evening tea and melatonin tablets before bedtime for a holistic approach to sleep.

Finding the Right CBD or CBG for Your Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Needs

Not every cannabis experience has to be psychoactive. In fact, there are many enjoyable situations where a little CBD or CBG provides all the positive experience you need without impairing your ability to drive a vehicle or speak to your boss. Even without the THC component, however, you can typically tell when your cannabis starts to take effect.
For a wide variety of cannabis experiences, check out Planet 13’s online ordering or contact us today to consult on the ideal strain and products for your desired effects.