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In the great wide world of cannabis, new molecules are being discovered and popularized every few months. We are discovering and creating trace cannabinoids at a rapid rate, including CBG, CBN, HHC, and even THC-0. But it all started with the discovery, synthesis, and popularization of Delta-8.

You can find Delta-8 in both legal and limited cannabis states, as it is usually derived from hemp plants. You can find Delta-8 in almost every type of cannabis product that has been produced for THC and CBD concentrations. Among the most popular products of Delta-8 are Delta-8 gummies and Delta-8 vape. Of the many ways to enjoy this unique and now famous cannabis molecule, gummies and vapes are likely what you are curious about and have come to discover.

Delving into Delta-8 gummies vs vapes is exactly what we are here to do.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is a manufactured molecule that resembles THC, but is rendered from CBD using a mild chemical process. The THC we know best and is most abundant in cannabis plants is Delta-9. This means there is a double bond on the ninth point in a particular atom chain. Delta-8 reforms CBD into THC, but with the double-bond at the eighth point instead.

This, interestingly, causes Delta-8’s effects to resemble THC, but to interact with your CB1 and CB2 receptors (of the body’s endocannabinoid system) a little differently. 

Delta-8 does occur naturally in the cannabis plant, as one of the many results of CBG-A breaking down as the plant matures. However, natural Delta-8 occurs in such trace amounts that synthesizing it is far more practical than the massive plant material that would be required to extract a usable amount.

Effects of Delta-8

Those who have used Delta-8 describe the effects as being similar to classic THC with the intensity turned down. Delta-8 is known to provide a more clear-headed version of THC’s uplifting effects. You may estimate Delta-8 products at about 50%-80% of your typical THC strength, but available in states where only CBD-derived products may be sold.

  • Euphoria
    • Delta-8 provides a mood uplifting effect often referred to as euphoria. This is a mild psychoactive effect relating to the way THC and Delta-8 THC interact with your serotonin receptors – of which there are many in the stomach.
  • Appetite Enhancement
    • Delta-8 has also been known to cause the relaxation and “munchies” combination that has assisted many people in enjoying meals.
  • Psychoactivity
    • Delta-8 also provides a milder and often clearer-headed version of THC psychoactivity. This means it may inspire creative and slightly disorganized thoughts, but is less likely to leave you feeling spaced-out or couch-locked.
  • Pain Management
    • It has been reported that Delta-8 also assists with inflammation and pain like many of its sister molecule cannabinoids.

Delta-8 Effects and Your CB1 vs CB2 Receptors

Why do Delta-8 effects work the way they do? We mentioned earlier that Delta-8 reacts slightly differently with your CB1 and CB2 receptors. The reduced psychoactivity relates to a reduced availability to CB1, where Delta-8 has far less interactivity with CB2 receptors entirely – which is what minimizes more CBD-like qualities like sleepiness.

Delta 8 in Gummy Form

What to Know About Delta-8 Gummies

Delta-8 gummies are gummy snacks made from Delta-8 concentrate instead of traditional cannabis oil. Delta-8 gummies are ingested and therefore absorbed by your digestive system. This allows for more direct effects on the center of the body and processes more slowly along with your body’s metabolic rate. Delta-8 gummies provide a more holistic effect throughout the body and may have greater access to the serotonin receptors around your stomach.

When To Eat Gummies

The best time to enjoy Delta-8 gummies is when you are looking for a slow-acting, long-lasting, and full-body experience of Delta-8 effects. Gummies distribute the Delta-8 more completely through your body and may provide more comfort to those seeking to manage pain or inflammation. Gummies may activate within 15-45 minutes, depending on your metabolism and an empty or full stomach, and it will wear off between two and six hours.

Delta-8 gummies are also more subtle. So if you are in a place or situation where vape would not be welcome, gummies are a respectful way to enjoy your cannabis.

Vaping Delta-8

What to Know About Delta-8 Vape

Delta-8 vape is enjoyed by inhaling Delta-8 concentrate in a carrier vape oil or vape-ready cannabis oil. Vape is absorbed through the airways and mucus membranes therein. This provides a more instant effect, with the altered cannabis going right into your bloodstream instead of being absorbed more slowly through digestion. Vaped cannabis also typically wears off faster. The effects may be more euphoric or psychoactive and may have a milder effect on your appetite and mood. 

When to Vape

The best time to vape your Delta-8 is when you are looking to feel the strongest available psychoactive effects, and more quickly than edibles like gummies. Vaping provides faster absorption and a faster recovery cycle. Many report that they experience the effects of vaping Delta-8 instantly or within five minutes, and that the effects last between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Delta-8 and Drug Tests

This question is always asked, and it is always worth answering. So far, Delta-8 does appear on drug tests whether you eat or vape it. This is because drug tests are not super precise on what they detect, and Delta-8 generates the same “signature” in your body as it’s sister-molecule THC of the traditional Delta-9 variety.

Both Delta-8 gummies and Delta-8 vape will show up on a drug test, and neither is better or worse for detoxing afterward. If you have taken legal Delta-8 in a non-legal state, you can cleanse your body with time and a great deal of water. You can accelerate the detox process through hydration and vigorous exercise, as it processes out by your water-toxin cleansing system through urine and sweat.

Delta-8 Gummies vs Vapes: Which is Better?

Whether you choose Delta-8 gummies or Delta-8 vape depends entirely on your personal preferences and situation. Don’t want to keep a vape pen? Need to stay buzzed around your granny or straight-edge friends? Want a long-lasting holistic effect? Go for Delta-8 gummies.  Want a fast, enjoyable experience and to be mostly back-to-normal in less than three hours? Have a vape pen or mod box already and enjoy vaping with chill friends?  Need to relax pronto? Then Delta-8 vaping is your jam.

No matter what your favorite cannabis style, molecule, or flavor; the expert budtenders of Planet 13 can help you find the right blend for the cannabis experience you seek. Contact us today or visit us in the shop to discover our full selection of cannabis products ranging from leafy greens to molecular marvels.