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Finding the right strain of cannabis is always an adventure. Here in Las Vegas, dispensaries tend to favor powerful Indicas for their therapeutic properties, but sometimes, you need a good Sativa to get you through your day. While rarer, Sativas have the power to uplift you while leaving you with a clear head. Depending on your job, they may get you through the work day, inspire your creativity, and ease your burdens as you tackle your daily task list.

That is exactly what you’ll find when you try a draught of The Potion. Whether you are crumbling this dense, delicious leaf into your glassware, vaping a refined cannabis oil, or dabbing a concentrate, The Potion has been attested to be a profoundly satisfying strain that has recently been resurrected from the vaults of the seed crafters at Archive.

Dive into The Potion strain with this detailed exploration of our new favorite Sativa dominant hybrid.

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The Potion Strain Review

The Potion is making its debut on the scene, genetically engineered by Archive in 2004 and recently cultivated by our local growers at Tryke. There are few official reports on this strain, but those who have tried it are raving about its strength, uplifting qualities, and unique aroma.

Across the cannabis review sites, you can find enthusiastic people who have partaken in The Potion who are delighted in the results. One user reports that it provides a giggly, cheerful high that banished their anxiety in a puff of smoke. Another gladly recommend it as a great Sativa strain when you need workforce motivation. Others used fewer words to indicate that The Potion offers mind-easing, socializing, and relieving effects. 

It is a blissful, energetic, yet hungry strain that will activate your creativity, keep you mentally stimulated, but also happy and calm. The outliers report that it also provided a relaxed, sleepy high that enhanced their sleep quality.

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What Strain is The Potion?

The Potion is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a unique lineage. Officially, it comes from a blend of Malawi and Do Si Do. But if you check with the seed engineers, there are more details to explore. The Potion’s true lineage could be notated as:

(Malawi x (95′ NL5 x Haze F2)) x Dosidos)

Archive calls this Malawi NL Haze softened by the sweet addition of Dosidos, a classic haze hybrid that is “worlds apart from your typical dutch haze mixes.” Interestingly, it is also the very first hybrid engineered by Archive in 2004 and self-proclaimed a Sativa Slammer.

The seed engineers report that the plant has a good, heavy yield of trichome-encrusted haze buds, but without the typical haze smell. Instead of smelling like Jack Herer, The Potion buds give off a unique metallic tang with an unmistakable after-aroma and not at all lemony.

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The Potion: Terpene Profile

  • Alpha Pinene 8.5 mg/g
  • Beta Caryophyllene 2.3 mg/g
  • Beta Myrcene 8.9 mg/g

The Potion’s energetic, uplifting, and creative effects blended with relaxing relief comes from its delightful terpene blend. The twin-dominant terpenes are Pinene and Myrcene. Alone, Pinene is energetic, while Myrcene is a therapeutic sedative. Together, Pinene and Myrcene are a signature combination for stress-relieving sativas.  Caryophyllene adds to that mix with its spicy aroma found in peppercorns and cloves, known for adding stress relief and mental clarity to any strain.

Together, this terpene blend provides a wonderful daytime Sativa experience that can keep you going through weekend activities, creative projects, and events spent with your favorite people.  It may also help with daily anxiety, depression, and pain relief, but of course, your mileage may vary.

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The Potion’s THC Levels

  • THC 22%-24%
  • CBG 1.2%
  • CBD 0.05%

How much THC is in The Potion strain? When cultivated by Tryke, we find that the THC profile of The Potion is between 22% and 24%. This lends to it’s reputation as a potent Sativa strain, in the upper-end of natural strength, and makes for truly powerful concentrates when distilled into an oil, budder, wax, or shatter.

If you’re looking for trace amounts of CBG or CBD, you will find them. The Potion has also tested with around 1% CBG and 0.05% CBD for that lovely entourage effect of grouped cannabinoids, while still focusing on the power of the dominant THC molecule.

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How does the Potion Smell and Taste?

The Potion strain has been reported to have a uniquely metallic aroma and flavor profile. Even it’s seed engineers at Archive note that it does not smell or taste like its Haze Sativa siblings. Instead, it provides a special tang and aftertaste that is both pleasant and unusual. Other users note that it has an unusual aroma, but one that does not fill the room when you open the jar.

Some users report that The Potion provides an especially high-quality smoke, burning evenly and deliciously in a bowl or joint.

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Strains Similar to The Potion

  • Southern Belle
    • Irene Kush Funk x Do Si Do
    • Noted to be sweet and delicious Sativa
  • Shark Bite
    • Great White Shark x Face Off OG
    • Candied fruit flavor and skunky aroma Hybrid
  • Sherb Face
    • Sunset Sherbert x Face Off BX1
    • Fruity cookie dough aroma and strong potency 50/50 Hybrid
  • Sugar Biscuits
    • Animal Cookies x Dosidos
    • Superb blend of Kush and Cookie kingdoms

If you love The Potion and are looking for a few strains that are similar, GrowDiaries suggests a number of strains with similar ancestry developed by Archive Seed Bank. These each share some of the potent and high-quality features of The Potion while each offers a unique flavor and experience.

Discover The Potion at Planet 13 Las Vegas

The Potion may have been engineered in 2004, but is only recently making its debut here in Las Vegas. Anyone looking for the perfect Sativa should absolutely try this fantastically potent strain that is powerful enough to party, but alert enough for daytime use. The Potion has a light metallic smell and an enthusiastic set of beneficial effects.  Find top-quality The Potion cannabis at Planet 13 Las Vegas.