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Marijuana Pre-Rolls

Planet 13’s wide variety of premier pre-rolls caters to those who live an on-the-go lifestyle but still appreciate quality cannabis flower. Eliminate the hassle of grinding and rolling your own pre-rolls and explore the best selection at Planet 13 Superstore & Entertainment Complex with curbside pickup, delivery, or an in-store visit – an experience crafted for your convenience.


What is a pre-roll?

Pre-roll is short for “prefabricated cannabis cigarette”. A pre-roll is ground up bud, shake, or nuggets of cannabis flower that are ground down and twisted in a rolling paper and are prepared by a designated cannabis vendor available ready to smoke, off-the-shelf at many retail cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis cultivations or dispensaries will grind, roll, and seal the cannabis flower in rolling papers, making it easier for the consumer to enjoy. A pre-roll, also known as a joint, can vary in weight, potency, size, and cannabis strains.

How do you use a pre-roll?

Pre-rolls are ready-made to be taken right off-the-shelf in order for ultimate convenience. You don’t have to spend time grinding or rolling your own flower, or getting the ratio of flower to paper correct. All you have to do to enjoy a pre-roll is light it and relax.

How potent are pre-rolls?

The potency of a pre-roll depends on the strain of cannabis that is inside it. Different strains and types of cannabis will affect the potency of each pre-roll, as well as the amount of flower in the pre-roll. Pre-rolls come in all shapes and sizes that can range from larger two grams pre-rolls to a thin .5 grams.

Marijuana Pre-Roll

What are the benefits of pre-rolls vs. other types of cannabis?

Pre-rolls have a lot of benefits in comparison to other types of cannabis. Many customers love them just because it saves them time from having to roll their own! It’s one of the best hassle-free ways to experience cannabis. They are also discreet, less intense than edibles, and easier to share. If you are looking for a stronger pre-roll they are generally easy to modify – whether you use hash, kief, caviar, or preactivated oil like RSO. They are generally very affordable as well and come in a wide variety of strains and cannabis types to choose from

How do I know that a pre-roll is good?

Ask your budtender what’s in the pre-roll if you are unsure and ask for their recommendations. They will know the dispensary product best and may have tried it out for themselves already or heard feedback from other customers. You can also look at the maker of the pre-roll, price, and whether or not a pre-roll is strain-specific to determine what pre-roll is good for you.

What are the different types of pre-rolls?

Pre-rolls can come in all shapes and sizes and varieties. The different types of pre-rolls you see in a dispensary may include:

  • Classic Cone Pre-rolls: These are normally rolled in hemp, rice, or unbleached papers and the cones are filled with cannabis and twisted at the end to make it easier to light evenly. The cone shape helps to achieve a more even burn. 
  • King-Size Cone Pre-rolls: These are almost identical to the classic cone but are king-sized with a cone or funnel shape and a wider filter. 
  • Ordinary Pre-rolls: About the size of a normal cigarette, these are rolled in hemp, rice, or unbleached papers with a cardboard filter and an oblong shape.
  • Blunts: These come in all shapes and sizes and are normally rolled with pressed hemp wrapper or a traditional tobacco-leaf wrapping. They also come in many different flavors. 
  • Cannabis Cigarettes: They look like ordinary cigarettes and this makes them extra discreet. The cigarette-like paper funnels come in packs like cigarettes, and also a variety of pre-rolls do. They may also contain foam cigarette filters.
  • Spliffs: These are usually not available at dispensaries since they contain tobacco and cannabis. The combination is rolled in hemp, rice, or unbleached paper or cone and they can contain about .25 – .5 grams of flower and generally half that amount of tobacco.
  • Kief Pre-Rolls: These are an extra-potent form of pre-roll because they are only made from kief. They are generally found with standard size cones and regular joint papers and weigh between .25 – .75 grams of just kief.
  • Oil-Dipped Pre-rolls: Oil-dipped pre-rolls are extra potent because the flower is dipped into cannabis oil before being ground and rolled. Sometimes, the oil may also be added as a thin thread to the inside of the paper before rolling, applied outside of the paper, or even syringe-injected with the cannabis oil.
  • Dips and Rolls: These are pre-rolls that have been oil-dipped and rolled in kief, hash, or THC/CBD isolate for extra levels of potency.
  • Caviar Pre-Rolls: Cannabis caviar is also another way to enhance a pre-roll. They are made by oil-dipping the flower in a cannabis concentrate and rolling the buds into layers of kief. They are ultra-potent and a premium variety of pre-roll.
  • King Palm Pre-rolls: Premium pre-rolls that are oil-dipped, strain-specific, and can include kief. They are made to look like a cigar and wrapped in a king palm leaf wrapper for a slower burn.
  • Cannabis Cigars: Pre-rolls that mimic the look of a cigar and made entirely from the cannabis plant including the cannabis-leaf wrapper. These are premium quality and are often infused with another type of cannabis, like distillate or oil to hold the cigar together and for a slower burn.

How are pre-rolls made?

Dispensaries generally make pre-rolls by breaking nugs down and grinding them up. The mix is then loaded into a pre-rolled paper cone that may contain a filter and a machine shakes the joints to settle the mixture and remove any air pockets but ensure that it is not too tightly packed. Then it is twisted for easy lighting access. Many cannasseurs also grind their own flower and make their own pre-rolls as well.

Who should buy pre-rolls?

Pre-rolls are great for first-time cannabis shoppers because they are small, portable, and take out the hassle of grinding up and rolling your own flower. They are also discreet and easy to share making this an easy product to use at home or with others. Pre-rolls are also an easy product to use for those with medical conditions that may make it hard to roll their own or use other methods to consume cannabis.  

Why should you buy pre-rolls?

You should buy pre-rolls if you don’t have the time to roll your own or for the convenience. Pre-rolls are ready to go out of the package and require no cleanup or construction allowing you to enjoy them right when you want them without any of the prep. Pre-rolls are also the perfect product for first-time cannabis customers. They are affordable, easy to use, convenient, and come in a variety of strains and types so you can explore what will work best for you before committing to a whole jar of cannabis.

Planet 13 Budtender Pick: What is the best pre-roll?

Medizin pre-rolls add a touch of luxury to your day-to-day! Our budtenders choose these pre-rolls for the quality flower and award-winning strains that are wrapped up to-go in an elegant package.