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How to Make THC Edibles:
Planet 13 Las Vegas
Production Facility

Planet 13 Las Vegas is designed to be a one-stop-shop for any cannabis enthusiast looking for more than just a cannabis store. In 2019, the entertainment complex was expanded by 14,000 square ft to include an immersive customer-facing production facility. Customers can watch through the 115-feet of windows to see how Dreamland Chocolates, HaHa gummies and HaHa beverages are made. This one of a kind experience shows you how to make THC edibles for Planet 13’s in-house brands.

Planet 13 Las Vegas Cannabis Gummy Production

Cannabis Gummy Production

THC-infused gummies are one of the most popular items at cannabis stores. Planet’s HaHa Gummies are made in-house with a special recipe that makes them both tasty and potent. Finding the right dosage of THC and other cannabinoids is carefully calculated by the machinery inside the Production Facility. You can now watch as the machine deposits over 10,000 individual thc edibles per hour of operation.

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Planet 13 Las Vegas Cannabis Chocolate Production

Cannabis Chocolate Production

Planet 13’s Dreamland Chocolates are the silky smooth taste you’re looking for when shopping for cannabis edibles. The Dreamland Peanut Butter Cubes won 1st place best edible of the 2021 Jack Herer Cup, and they’re made in-house at Planet 13 Las Vegas. A combination of molding lines, foil wrapping machines, and chocolate fillers are what get these THC edible chocolates from production to your hand.

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Planet 13 Las Vegas Cannabis Chocolate Production
Planet 13 Las Vegas Cannabis Beverage Production

Cannabis Beverage Production

HaHa Sodas are THC-infused beverages that have the fizz of your favorite soda and the potency of your favorite cannabis strain. The infusion process starts with the specialized water pumps that change temperature depending on the final product: HaHa Sodas, or HaHa Sparkling Waters. These cannabis sodas were first introduced on the market in the Nevada dispensaries.

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