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Anyone who plans to visit Las Vegas this year will want to research cannabis concentrates before arriving in the city. Thanks to new pot legislation, the recreational marijuana business is booming in the state of Nevada, and lots of dispensary owners aim to provide as many different types of product as possible for their customers. The concept of concentrates is simple, but it’s easy to get things wrong, and that is why this article contains all the information anyone needs to make the right choices and ensure they don’t overlook anything exciting during their stay in Sin City. Some of the concentrated items on the market are exceptionally strong, and so you’ll want to take it steady and be careful if you’re not used to using the plant.

So what are cannabis concentrates?

Simply put, concentrates are marijuana-derived products that contain concentrated amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other active cannabis chemicals and compounds. The use of concentrates has become exceptionally rampant since US states first started to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. There are hundreds of different types of product out there, and new ones appear all the time. Experts claim that is because enthusiasts only have to consume or smoke a small amount of the concoction to feel the effects or get some relief in the case of medical users. Interestingly, the concept has been around for a long time, and there is evidence that people used to make cannabis concentrates in the Steppe Mountains of China some 12,000 years ago.

What are the benefits of cannabis concentrates?

As the products contain a concentrated amount of psychoactive chemicals like THC, the effects people experience when using wax or other creations will often seem intense. You only need a small amount of the items to start feeling high and enjoying the benefits. They can include:

  • Painkilling
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-nausea
  • And many other positive effects.

For people who use cannabis concentrates for recreational purposes, the benefits are clear. You will feel the effects of the substance in a matter of minutes, and a single inhalation of the smoke could leave you feeling warm and fuzzy for many hours. Price wise, some people consider concentrated products better value for money than marijuana buds. However, most customers of the world-famous Planet 13 dispensary like to indulge in a mix of different strains and varieties, and they also like to purchase buds to smoke.

What is the most popular method for using cannabis concentrates?

Dabbing is by far the most widely-used way to get marijuana concentrates into your system. You just have to visit a recreational dispensary in Vegas and take a look at all the products on offer before making your selection and bringing it to private property. Laws in the state prevent tourists and residents from using cannabis products in public, but thankfully, there are some social clubs and other venues popping up around the city. Some of them should contain the equipment you need for dabbing.

In most instances, people who dab will heat their chosen concentrate up on a hot surface before inhaling the smoke and vapors. If you need to make a comparison, those who dab might consume around 60-80% THC when engaging in the activity. However, those who smoke buds in joints average at somewhere between 10-25% THC. So, dabbing from concentrates means you’re increasing the psychoactive effects of cannabis by around 300%. You can probably see why so many people like it now, right?

What is solvent and non-solvent extraction?

The process of creating cannabis concentrates can become dangerous if the people involved don’t follow safety guidelines. That is why it’s always wise to purchase the products rather than attempting to make them at home. There are two methods of extraction that tend to cover most of the concentrates in production today. They are solvent and non-solvent. When using the first strategy, experts use solvents like carbon dioxide and butane to separate the cannabis flower resin glands that contain high levels of THC. Those who opt for non-solvent extraction get the same results by using water, changes in temperature and pressure tools.

What are different types of cannabis concentrates available?

Any decent Vegas strip dispensary will stock a plethora of different marijuana concentrates to suit the moods and needs of their customers. So, it always makes sense to ask the budtender at the cannabis dispensary for some advice if you don’t know which products are best suited for your experience. While the types of concentrate will vary from place to place; you can read about some of the most popular ones in this section. Hopefully, this information will point you in the right direction.


Shatter is one of the most stable and accessible cannabis concentrates that forms a glass-like structure you could probably smash if you threw it on the floor. Depending on the person who made the product and the technique used, some shatter will have adhesive properties, and that can make it a little sticky to the touch. Other forms of shatter will have a smooth finish. Thousands of marijuana users around the world choose shatter as their concentrate of choice because they regard it as the purest of all the options on the table. You should always dab shatter using a specialist tool for the best effects and results. If you have any issues, just heat the item up slightly before you try to manipulate it.


People who make batter will freeze the cannabis plant straight after they harvest it to extract a terpene-rich concentrate. That method does not damage any of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the material, and so batter is an excellent way for ensuring users get the most potent effects possible from the cannabis. With other processes, manufacturers will let the plant dry and cure, but that is not the case when it comes to making the batter. That helps to ensure terpenes don’t have enough time to evaporate, and so the finished product is delicious. When compared to shatter, batter offers more flexibility and will often feel wet to the touch. Again, dabbing is the prefered method of consumption for most people who visit Planet 13 and other recreational marijuana dispensaries in Vegas.


Wax is one of the stickiest cannabis concentrates available to people who visit Las Vegas dispensaries at the moment. For that reason, you will never want to hold it in your hands or touch it with your fingers. Budtenders always recommend that you only handle wax using a specialist dab tool. It’s possible to purchase wax that is high in either THC, CBD, or both depending on the businesses you visit on the strip. The largest cannabis dispensary in the area sells kilos of this stuff every single month, and all tourists should try it out if they haven’t done so in the past. Wax will also keep for a long time, and so you can store it in an airtight container and go back to it when you need another hit.


If you’re looking for a dry concentrate that isn’t going to stick to your fingers, crumble is a perfect choice. Depending on how much the manufacturer breaks the substance down, it’s often possible to separate it into manageable and dabbable chunks with ease. The effects are impressive and long-lasting as you would expect from any cannabis concentrate. Tourists who visit marijuana dispensaries will often keep this product in a glass jar rather than on the parchment paper that is frequently used for other concoctions. You can dab the product in the same way as everything else mentioned on this list, and some folks even like to add a small amount to their joints.


Budder is the middle ground between wax and crumble, and lots of people claim the product resembles peanut butter with a similar consistency. Budder gets made by whipping the shatter or sap so that it eventually breaks down using heat. Some people struggle to dab using budder, and experts from Planet 13 and other Vegas strip dispensaries advice that sometimes it’s best to leave the product in the freezer for a few minutes before you plan to use it. You can store budder in containers or on paper depending on which option is most convenient, and the effects are often overpowering. For that reason, anyone who hasn’t tried budder in the past will need to take it easy on their first few attempts.


Cannabis oil has been available in one form or another for thousands of years. The oil on the market today gets made using carbon dioxide in most instances, but it’s still possible to find some butane oils if you know where to look. There are lots of options on the table when it comes to using the marijuana oil you purchase in Vegas. Some people like to paste it on their rolling papers to increase the strength of their joints. Others choose to keep it in a syringe and add it to food or use the product as a tincture. You could also add some types of oil to your vape pen. Regardless of your preferences and what you want to try, be sure to speak to the budtender at the cannabis dispensary and ask for their recommendations. The last thing you want to do is take too much oil if your body isn’t used to the effects. You might experience anxiety symptoms, but you just need to go for a walk in the fresh air if that happens.

What is the recommended dose for cannabis concentrates?

The amount of each concentrate you take is a personal thing that will depend on your tolerance to chemical compounds like THC. If this is the first time you’ve ever tried wax, oil, or any of the other products available from recreational marijuana dispensaries, it’s always sensible to start small and then increase. Never consume or inhale large quantities of the plant in any form before you begin to feel the effects. Take a small amount, and then wait half an hour to see how the substance affects you. That said, there are some recommendations below that should help to ensure you don’t get too high and start to feel any unwanted effects.  

Recommended dose for vapes

If you plan to use oil or any other cannabis concentrate in a vape, it’s wise to fill the container to around three quarters. You then need to take small drags from the device and wait until you begin to feel the beneficial effects. You can then continue to use the product or wait around until some of the feelings subside.

Recommended dose for edibles  

Some edibles contain cannabis concentrates these days, and you might like to pick some of them up from a Vegas strip dispensary. For people who’ve never used these products in the past, it’s sensible to limit your intake to around 1-5mg of THC. Those who use marijuana frequently can often handle 10mg or more without concern.

Recommended dose for dabbing

Most tourists who visit Las Vegas to check out the recreational cannabis market will choose to dab their concentrates. That is the method recommended by some of the biggest and best cannabis dispensaries in the state. Depending on the strength of the product, users are advised to dab amounts no larger than a grain of rice. Anything more substantial could cause unwanted effects if you’re not used to the feeling that marijuana creates.

With all the information on this page, you should now have a decent understanding of everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates. Now you just have to book your trip to Vegas and research some of the best cannabis dispensaries in the city. There is no need to stress if you take slightly too much of any of the substances mentioned in this post because it’s impossible to overdose on the marijuana plant. Indeed, that is why it has become the drug of choice for thousands of Nevadians and people living all over the world. Whatever you do during your stay in Vegas, make sure you don’t shy away from the recreational market because you’re going to love it!