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How high am I right now? 

Nevada and especially Las Vegas has become a hub of recreational cannabis dispensaries during the last couple of years, and thousands of tourists visit every summer to view and try out the new legal market. Experts from our las vegas dispensary and other Vegas strip dispensaries always want to make sure the people using their products have the best experience possible. However, cannabis is much stronger these days than it was in the past. So, it’s not unheard of for some traveler and novice smokers to overdo things a little. With that in mind, this post will highlight some of the things that could bring you back down to earth if you get a little too high.

Relax as much as possible

The first thing you have to do is relax when you get a bit too high. The effects of the marijuana plant can often make people panic if they’re not used to them. For that reason, anyone who plans to try Las Vegas cannabis for the first time should pace themselves as much as possible. It’s probably not a wise move to have lots of massive dabs before you know if you can handle the effects of a weak joint.

Watch your consumption

Whether you plan to smoke legal recreational cannabis or try some marijuana edibles, it’s vital that you monitor your intake during the experience. Some people forget they’ve already eaten a cookie or something similar, and so they take more cannabis than intended. On the Vegas strip, that could cause some problems. The last thing anyone wants is to spend most of their vacation back at the hotel recovering, right?

Drink water and consume sweet snacks

There is no getting away from the fact that cannabis from a legal las vegas dispensary can make your mouth dry. For that reason, it’s essential that you consume as much water as possible. That is especially the case if you feel a little too high. You also need to boost your sugar levels, and so it’s sensible to eat some sweet snacks (just make sure they’re not marijuana infused snacks.)

Get outside in the fresh air

Sometimes people can begin to feel claustrophobic when they smoke or eat too much cannabis. If you notice any anxiety-related effects of that nature, the best thing to do is take a walk outside and get some fresh air. That should help to get your blood pumping and remove any feelings of paranoia.

Jump in the shower

Taking a shower or a bath is a fantastic way to relax while waking yourself up and reducing the psychological effects of the cannabis you’ve consumed. Baths are preferable because you can lie down and chill out. However, showers are just as beneficial when it comes to waking you up and making you feel normal again.

Listen to music or watch TV

Distracting yourself is also a brilliant strategy according to specialists who run some of the biggest marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas. So, consider firing up your iTunes and listening to some of your favorite albums. You could even switch on the TV and check out some of the latest comedy shows. With a bit of luck, that should limit any negative feelings and ensure you get back on track.

Try using CBD

Lastly, in most instances, people who try recreational cannabis and feel too high can blame the THC compound in the plant. It’s handy to know then, that CBD can sometimes counteract the unwanted effects and reduce any paranoia or anxiety you might feel. So, visit the nearest recreational dispensary and ask the staff about their CBD products. Try them out! You have nothing to lose, and nobody wants to move towards a panic attack or something similar.

The most important thing to remember if you ever feel too high from cannabis use is that the effects aren’t going to last very long. Indeed, most people will “come down” from the plant in less than an hour. For that reason, you just have to refrain from panicking and work towards improving your mindset.

Whether you plan to visit our las vegas dispensary near Vegas strip or any other legal marijuana dispensary in the state, don’t overdo things! Always pace yourself, and take a walk outside or try some of the other tips from this article if you begin to feel anxious or paranoid. Cannabis is a beautiful plant with thousands of benefits. You just need to know how to use it correctly, and hopefully, now you do!