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Thanks largely to the increased legalization across the country on a recreational level as well as a medical one, the marijuana industry is evolving at a phenomenal rate. At Planet 13, our Las Vegas dispensary has seen those developments unfold firsthand. The newest craze to hit the market is cannabis tonics.

Cannabis tonics are a new form of edible marijuana and are providing to be extremely popular in a number of states where cannabis is now legal for recreational use. Here’s all you need to know about the growing phenomenon and why it’s not going away anytime soon.

Cannabis In A Drink (Yes, Really)

Cannabis tonics are essentially tonic beverages that have been infused with marijuana extracts. This is measured as an elixir, which will be comprised of both CBD and THC. Individual drinks may carry different dosages, but they will always be low (micro) dosages. This makes them perfectly safe for people of the legal age (21+) to consume, as long as you are consuming responsibly.

This type of edible is still a relatively new concept but has already established itself as a major player in the evolving cannabis industry. In fact, even Coca-Cola is considering plans to launch their own cannabis-infused tonic drink in a bid to join the likes of Dixie Elixirs (which we stock at our largest cannabis dispensary) in capitalizing on a rapidly growing market.

Cannabis-infused brownies, chocolates, gummies, and other edibles remain popular. However, the cannabis tonics are quickly becoming the preferred choice of marijuana edibles for long-term users as well as individuals who are new to the arena.

Popular flavors include; fruit punch, cherry limeade, berry lemonade, root beer, and half & half. Cannabis never tasted so good, but the reasons behind the popularity don’t end there.

Why People Love Cannabis Tonics

Aside from the tastes and ease of managing dosages, cannabis tonics are loved due to their consistency in performance. No two marijuana plants are identical, and you may find that the effects of some cannabis products fluctuate between one batch to the next. This is never a problem with cannabis tonics; once you’ve found the variant that carries the best CBD to THC balance for your requirements, you cannot go wrong.

Like most marijuana-infused edibles, Cannabis tonics can be considered less addictive and far safer. They can additionally be used to treat and manage a range of conditions while also being ideal for purely recreational reasons.

Some of the conditions that cannabis tonics can help with include;

  • Anxiety: The calming effect of cannabis tonics can be used to relax the body during an episode or even before entering a situation that could trigger your symptoms.
  • Depression: The ‘pick me up’ properties can encourage you to take a more positive frame of mind. While not a solution to your problems, it can at least help manage episodes.
  • Insomnia: The relaxation offered by drinking a cannabis-infused drink can enable users to drift off sooner while also reaching the REM stage of sleep for an even better quality of rest.
  • Pain Management: The sedation properties also help numb various types of pain, allowing the user to live their lives without letting their pain cause major disruption.
  • Fatigue: The positivity boost can kick fatigue to the curb, as long as you choose a product that doesn’t boast high sedation properties. It can work better than any standard energy drink.

Marijuana-infused tonics, including those that are purchased from our cannabis entertainment complex and superstore, can be consumed anywhere. This gives them a significant advantage over vapes, which can be banned or inappropriate on public transport and in other various situations.

Furthermore, with the CBD and THC designed to kick in within the span of 20 minutes, it’s an ideal way for getting yourself into a routine. Whether it’s taking a drink to relax yourself into sleep or to prepare for a potentially stressful situation, the cannabis tonics are a winning solution.

The Final Word

Cannabis tonics are more than a craze; they’re here to stay, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re affordable, accessible, and delicious. It’s inevitable that the popularity will continue to grow as more and more options hit the market.

As the biggest dispensary ,Vegas has to offer, Planet 13 is the perfect place to stock up on your cannabis edibles, including the tonics. Frankly, your approach to consuming marijuana for medicinal and recreational reasons will never be the same again.