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The use and legalization of cannabis have been a major talking point in recent years, but the conversation hasn’t been solely about medicinal use. As the largest cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas strip, Planet 13 is aware of the many benefits that marijuana has and its ability to enhance the creative process is one of the best.

In truth, the proposal that using cannabis promotes creativity is nothing new and is something that people have discussed for decades. However, advanced research into the science behind the influence that marijuana can have on the body and mind means that we now boast a far greater understanding of the subject.

Here’s all you need to know before heading to our cannabis entertainment complex.

Cannabis & Creative People

Man sitting at a desk writing on a piece of paperSeveral different natural drugs like cannabis and psychedelics have been heavily linked to creativity for generations. Here are just some of the high-profile examples;

  • The Beatles writing their artistic and psychedelic music.
  • Dewey Saunders creating his artwork.
  • Steve Jobs building a technological empire.

As the best Vegas dispensary of legal cannabis, we have many clients that smoke small volumes of cannabis to encourage their sense of creativity.

The Research Behind Cannabis & Creativity

As the biggest dispensary Vegas has to offer, we take pride in understanding the science behind cannabis use to ensure that clients can be informed about marijuana before making a purchase. Studies of cannabis and creativity make for a very interesting read.

Research from the journal Consciousness and Cognition shows that cannabis users are shown to be more extroverted than non-users and are, therefore, open to more new experiences. This ultimately translates to the average marijuana smoker boasting a greater level of creative thinking and artistry than the average non-smoker.

This is highlighted by results ascertained by comparing sober cannabis users to sober non-users. The research identified that marijuana users performed better in cognitive testing while also demonstrating a heightened sense of general creativity.

While the sober testing suggests that personality traits are at least somewhat behind the increased creative nature of cannabis users, further research shows that a large percentage of users find that marijuana aids their creative thinking.

Other studies – by Schaefer and colleagues in 2011 – have shown that people with low creativity traits can see their verbal fluency scores increase to the levels displayed by people with high creativity traits.

Consequently, then, personality traits and individual characteristics are at the root of a person’s creative charge. However, cannabis can certainly have an influence, even if it’s only on an internal psychological level. This is something our Las Vegas strip dispensary has been able to tap into with great success, helping thousands of people unlock their creative potential.

Why Does Cannabis Aid Creativity?

The fact that cannabis can clearly boost its user’s perceptions of their own creativity is certainly one of the biggest factors. Whether trying to express yourself in an artistic form or simply adopt a more open mindset, the fear of what other people might think can be a major roadblock. The internal psychological benefits remove this obstacle, allowing the user to push themselves in ways that would ordinarily be closed off.

As many of the clients that visit our cannabis entertainment complex will confirm, smoking marijuana additionally encourages the user to forget about external issues that could otherwise drag them back. In turn, this can promote an almost tunnel-vision like approach to the creative process. That focus can be telling.

Cannabis will also calm a person’s nerves and change perceptional understandings of the world. Marijuana has also been shown to stimulate the frontal lobe part of the brain, which can explain why the stimulant is so heavily linked with an increase in creative output.

However, those seeking a short-term stimulant for increased creativity will often find that this is the perfect way to end a creative block or conjure up new ideas that would otherwise be locked deep in the back of your mind.

In summary, while it’s far from being the only item that will influence creativity levels, the long-standing link between cannabis and creativity is proven to have scientific backing. No wonder so many people in the field of entertainment use it on a semi-frequent basis.