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Recreational cannabis in the US has been associated with fun and relaxation. A lot of users prefer consuming their favorite strains at the end of a tiring day or a private poolside party during the weekend. 

Users have also started amplifying their consumption experiences by rolling up while watching their favorite series, movies, or podcasts. For this blog, we will only be focusing on podcasts and will share with you a few of them that are perfect to be watched or listened to while puffing your favorite cannabis strains. 

Make sure you have all the ingredients to roll up, i.e., the filter, the rolling paper, the strain of your choice, etc. Once you have them, simply choose a podcast from a list, light up your roll, and enjoy an elevated cannabis consumption experience. 

Investor Ideas Podcasts

The best part of certain cannabis strains is that they make you more focused and attentive. Use that focus and attentiveness to learn about your investment options with ‘Investor Ideas.’ This is a weekly podcast that conducts interviews of CEOs of some of the leading cannabis companies as well as other experts in the industry. In short, if you’re looking forward to investing in the US cannabis industry, take a puff, get focused, and start learning from the best. 

Wednesday Wednesday

If you’re into wake and bake routines, then take that alertness from your cannabis and use it to learn from the podcast ‘Wednesday Wednesday’ while you’re on your way to work in the morning. This podcast is conducted in a radio-like format where you get to learn about new cannabis strains on the market, different product reviews, news, and a lot more. This podcast is perfect for staying up-to-date with what’s happening in the cannabis industry. 

Woman with with pink hair wearing sunglasses and headphones outsideThe Adam Dunn Show 

Learning about cannabis culture and rumors can be a lot of fun. While you’re rolling a joint after a hectic day at work, put on the podcast ‘The Adam Dunn Show’ and listen to Adam talking about all things cannabis. The host’s hilarious way of showcasing cannabis-related stories will lighten your mood, and the cannabis you’re consuming during the podcast will help in amplifying those effects. To put it simply, listening to this podcast accompanied by your favorite strain will help you release any stress you may be feeling after a long workday.

The Cannabis Accounting 

If you’re remotely related to the cannabis industry, you would know how tedious and challenging it can become to do accounts without the help or assistance from any financial institution (due to the federal cannabis bans). This podcast by DOPE CFO will equip you with the tips, tricks, and skills required to undergo accounts, and scale your firm with ease – all while enjoying cannabis. 

Dude Grows Show

Another excellent podcast option to listen to while smoking cannabis is ‘Dude Grows Show.’ It is the perfect podcast for someone who just needs to improve their knowledge about the US cannabis industry. Each episode of this podcast features a particular issue from the industry. Light up, lay back, and start expanding your knowledge about cannabis while enjoying cannabis products. 

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