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A “Wake and Bake” is a tradition almost as old as the use of cannabis itself. 

The thought of getting up early for a morning session with your bong or pre-roll before starting your day has appealed to cannabis users for generations, the hectic nature of modern life makes it more attractive than ever before. After all, a day of self-care and recovery is deserved every once and a while. In our opinion, cannabis is the ultimate way to relax. Here’s how.

The Night Before

Preparations for your wake and bake should begin the night before. Otherwise, you run the risk of letting little things eat into your day off. Use the following checklist to ensure that the right plans are in place:

  • Confirm that your schedule is clear
  • Ensure you have the best cannabis products
  • Set out your comfortable clothes to wear in the morning
  • Check that you have toiletries and other household essentials
  • Set out the ingredients that you need for breakfast
  • Complete any household tasks now such as putting the trash bins out if needed

Apart from anything else, this will help clear your mind for a better night’s sleep. In turn, this will have a telling impact on your wake and bake activities.

The Morning

The clue is in the title. Preparing for the morning ahead should be a priority for your Wake and Bake. There are several key things to remember, but when you get them right, it sets the perfect foundation for building a successful day of relaxation.

Get out of bed: Waking up is important if you wish to avoid the threat of falling straight back to sleep and missing the benefits of the cannabis-infused morning. Besides, there is no greater start to the day than watching the sunrise from your window while enjoying your fresh bud.

Start low: The body is more sensitive in the early morning, which is why using a low dosage is best. Better still, choosing a solution that includes CBD will provide a balance to the effects of THC. 

If you are opting to wake and bake with an edible, give yourself an ample amount of time for your body to process the effects, as your high can lasts for 4-6 hours. And always start with the recommended dose or lower in the case of edibles. Remember start low and go slow.

Eat a good breakfast: Take this opportunity to have bacon, eggs, muffins, and all the other delightful treats you desire. A sustaining breakfast and the best cannabis products are the formulae for a perfect morning.

The Day

Throughout the rest of the day, you can relax and perhaps enjoy a little relaxed creativity. This could mean completing a little meditation or various other tasks. The day is yours to do as you see fit, even if it’s simply sitting on the sofa chilling with Netflix.

However, you must remember to stay hydrated at all times. It will combat the dry mouth and eyes while making you less groggy once the high begins to fade.

We hope this guide helps you on your next wake and bake session! To find the best products to wake up with, browse our online menu. You can even get your products delivered to your door, so you can stay in your pajamas all day if you so choose!

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