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Wake and Bake is a phrase that you often hear in connection to cannabis, but not everyone knows what it means or how to enjoy it. A good wake and bake can leave you feeling relaxed and mellow all day, or help you carry an amazing night’s sleep into a dreamy, energetic day. Some people wake and bake every day, while others save it for weekend mornings when you can pull up the covers and stay cozy for the rest of the day.

What is wake and baking, when is the best time to wake and bake, and what is the best way to wake and bake? At Planet 13, we’re here to make this relaxing ritual as fun and easy for you as possible.

What is Wake and Bake?

To “wake and bake” is to smoke (or vape or eat) cannabis in the morning, while your brain is still sleepy. This glorious process helps you stay in that warm, fuzzy, morning feeling and drift through the day on a cloud. Wake and baking can be the perfect way to help yourself relax and unwind between stressful work weeks or to stay chill if someone else is setting your itinerary for the day.

The process is simple. First you wake, then you bake, then you have an amazing breakfast and maybe go back to bed.

What Waking and Baking Feels Like

Waking and baking feels like not quite ever fully waking up. You step out of your cozy dreams onto a fluffy cloud that keeps you chill, mellow, and feeling good well into the afternoon. A good wake and bake is the perfect balm for stress and worries because it keeps you from ever fully coming down to earth from your dreaming mental state.

Wake and baking can make you happy, floaty, and a little absent-minded. Focus is often difficult on a wake & bake day, which can help to keep you from focusing on negative or stressful things. Most people experience an all-day effect from wake & baking that will fade (or can be maintained) throughout the day.

How to Wake and Bake Enjoyably

The best way to wake and bake is to get stoned within an hour of waking up. Basically, instead of having your morning coffee, you take a bowl, smoke a joint, puff a vape, or snack on cannabis edibles to send your brain into a happy, fuzzy mode. Instead of becoming alert and ready for the day, you chill down and get ready to kick back with some music, movies, and/or good company.

If you plan to wake & bake, you can help yourself out by planning the day ahead: pre-measuring ingredients and laying out your clothes. Or you can spend all day in your jammies raiding the fridge; the choice is entirely yours.

The Best Things to Do on a Wake and Bake Morning

Take a Long Shower or Bath

There’s nothing like warm water on a wake and bake morning. Taking a hot shower or bath can feel amazing on the skin and help you to relax every muscle in your body while your mind drifts pleasantly through the clouds. Add a little music and mood lighting for a really great morning.

Make a Leisurely & Big Breakfast

Cannabis tends to make you hungry, so make plans for breakfast. If you’re safe at the stove, try making yourself an epic pancake breakfast with eggs and breakfast meats. If not, go for toaster strudels, a platter of toast with toppings, or an epic bowl of cereal.

Watch Movies

Kick back with your favorite push media like movie day with the family or an interesting show you’ve wanted time to really get into.

Clean the House to Music

Want to feel productive? Let that chill feeling carry you through your chores to rocking music. It won’t even feel like chores on your wake and bake cloud.

Go for a Walk

Time spent in nature is also really nice when you wake and bake, as long as no serious decisions are necessary. Chill in the hammock out back or take yourself on a walk. Wake & Baking can also be fun if you’re on vacation and just need to chill with your family on a long nature hike walk through an amusement park.

Your Art

Many, many artists like to wake & bake to reach a special creative space, but more about that later.

The Best Time to Wake and Bake

The one thing about wake and baking is that timing is everything. The feeling is amazing, but you will be “floaty” for the rest of the day. Even into the evening. So make your plans accordingly. If you really want to enjoy your wake and bake, pick the perfect time.

Wake and Baking on Weekends and Vacations

Weekends and vacations are always the best times to wake and bake. This means you have the whole day to enjoy yourself and minimal demands for decision-making. Choose a day that you don’t have to drive and make sure your responsibilities don’t go far beyond making lunch or keeping the cat indoors. This way, you can truly relax and let that worry-free feeling carry you away.

Wake and Baking to Relax

Many people use wake and baking as a way to get one complete day for relaxation. When you get stoned before you fully wake up, your worries never fully settle in. You can forget about work. You can put anxieties behind you. You can lie back and just enjoy the feeling of a warm blanket or a warm breeze with no concern greater than your next tasty snack.

Wake and Baking for Artists and Crafters

Are you an artist or someone with a safe handicraft? (ex: drawing or knitting, but not carpentry) If so, you might find that your creative energies are set free when you bake before you fully wake up. This can keep your practical mind from coming fully “down to earth” allowing you to float through the creative aether of your dreamy state while your hands do the crafting. From digital art to arts & crafts, try a sativa or hybrid to wake and bake for art’s sake.

Wake and Baking as a Medical Choice

Wake and baking can also be useful if there is a medical reason you want to continue that “just woke up” feeling all day. Wake and baking can keep you from focusing on negative things like pain or anxiety conditions that might otherwise dominate your day.

Wake & Bake with Planet 13

Looking for the ultimate wake and bake experience?  Planet 13 can help you achieve this with delicious cannabis options and convenient cannabis delivery. Arrange for delivery as late as 12 AM the night before or as early as 9 AM each day, or swing by and have a chat with our awesome budtenders on the best strains and products for a truly beautiful wake and bake morning. Whether you want to start your day with a bowl of sparkling buds, an easy-to-smoke joint, a delicious vape, or cannabis breakfast bar, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to discover the best way to create your next perfect wake and baking morning.