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Planet 13 is only one month away from our plans to build the world’s largest dispensary in Las Vegas, with 40,000 square feet of cannabis superstore and entertainment space set to open in early November 2018.

The entertainment complex will be completed and unveiled in phases, with phase one offering 40,000 square feet of entertainment space, including interactive attractions, and more than 16,500 square feet of cannabis retail space.

Nevada’s largest dispensary and superstore will feature flying orbs, a laser graffiti wall, and an experience where customers will be “overwhelmed by the aesthetics.”

Think of the Planet 13 Superstore as a theme park for marijuana. That’s certainly what it sounds like when David Farris, Planet 13’s Director of Marketing, describes the still-under-construction Las Vegas cannabis entertainment center to me when I asked him to walk me through its features.

“As the customer enters the facility, they’ll first come in contact with this sphere, this planet. And it will have moving water, steam, and lights that will replicate flames,” he says. “On the roof you’ll see a series of what we call lotus flowers, which will be multi-dimensional with multiple lights. The customer will actually be able to touch those; there are keypads on the ground floor so they can program the lights to move at the beat of the music—whatever they want to do.” -Vice | After Planet 13, Marijuana Tourism Will Never Be the Same

Planet 13 superstore rendering

The company is betting big on a Las Vegas-style experience when it comes to attracting people to the store. Planet 13 is spending more than $1 million on special interactive experiences people can enjoy, whether they are buying or not. For example, a control panel outside the store will allow people to change the lights and music that go with the 15-foot lotus flowers sitting on top of the store. -New Cannabis Ventures | Planet 13 to Light Up Las Vegas with a New Cannabis Retail Experience

“Inside the dispensary will be a sensory-activated floor, 10 feet by 16 feet, with lights that move as visitors walk. Six aerial orbs will circle above visitors’ heads every hour. Visitors can also write and draw with lasers on a wall inside the dispensary and watch 3D projections.

“We want to out-Vegas Vegas,” Groesbeck said.

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association Vice President Jim Lamb said the dispensary marks another level of presentation and design for cannabis retailers.

“This is just like Steve Wynn opening The Mirage,” Lamb said.” -Las Vegas Review Journal | $7.5M Las Vegas marijuana dispensary expects to open Nov. 1

“After the first phase gets off the ground, Planet 13 will announce plans for the second phase early next year. A coffee shop is already in the works and the team is “entertaining multiple offers” to add a consumption lounge once the local laws allow it.

Meanwhile, work will continue to transform an old Coors Beer warehouse into what could be the most ambitious cannabis dispensary in the world.” -Leafly | Check Out the World’s First Cannabis Superstore in Las Vegas