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Planet 13 is a cannabis entertainment complex, and one of the best Vegas dispensary locations in the area. One of the common questions asked by customers when they come to our dispensary near is…

How do you use edibles?


In this brief guide, we’re going to use our experience to reveal everything you need to know about edibles – let’s get started with the basics.

What are cannabis edibles?

Edibles are THC-infused food products that you can buy from your local dispensary. You can buy them in one of four categories – edibles with sativa, indica, hybrid or pure CBD.

What do they do?

As the biggest dispensary Vegas has to offer, we know a thing or two about edibles. Sativa gives more of a high, which is provides an energetic feeling – as well as creativity. Indica gives you a more traditional ‘stoned’ feel – the type of feeling that makes you want to sink into the couch. And the hybrids are a little of each.

But what about CBD?

This is the type of cannabis that gives you medical benefits in a non-psychoactive way. In other words, it will make you feel better in the physical sense, but you won’t get high.

How much do you need?

Part of the problem with edibles is that it can be hard to judge how much you need to take effect. It varies from person to person based on all kinds of things, from your weight and build to your previous exposure to the cannabis. Many people are susceptible to getting it wrong, especially when they are just starting out.

When you buy edibles from our Las Vegas dispensary, you can rest assured that we will talk you through everything you need to know. You will be able to use your edible safely and know exactly what to do if you start to feel too high.

What happens if you consume too much?

Over consuming is fairly common, for reasons we explained above – people just don’t know how much to take. We always recommend visiting consulting with one of our experienced budtenders so we can ensure you are consuming safely. But what happens if things start to feel shaky?

The truth is that over-consumption can be scary, it can have a physical and mental impact. But it is rarely dangerous, and it’s important to remember that no one has ever died from cannabis overdose and there is no toxicity to your insides. So, while you might be feeling panicky, try to stay calm, have a glass of water, and even try to get some sleep. Avoid alcohol or food. Intaking more fat can send yourself into overdrive. Be calm, drink water and wait it off.

What if you freak out?

Again, always remember that when you over consume, the biggest impact will be on your mind, not your body – so try to stay calm. However, if things are getting to you try using some CBD.

As we discussed before, CBD is not psychoactive, but it actually is able to block THC activity. This means that you can take a puff on a vaporizer, or drop some liquid or tincture into a drink and it will help balance out ‘the fear.’ Bear in mind, however, that CBD is still illegal at a federal level, and there is no quality assurance testing involved at all, so always research the company you buy from.

How do you make edibles?

As the largest cannabis dispensary in Vegas, one of our top selling edibles brands is Medizin. It makes a wide range of THC syrups, in all kinds of different flavors including watermelon, lemonade, strawberry-kiwi, blue coconut, and sour green apple. Take a dose that matches your tolerance and simply includes the syrup into whatever you like – from drinks to cakes.

Check out the Medizin Macadamia Nut Oil, too. It is quite healthy and full of antioxidants, giving you the added benefits of those alongside the known natural goodness of cannabis.  

OK, so there you have it – a quick guide to cannabis edibles. Feel free to get in touch with us here at Planet 13 and find out more about our cannabis entertainment complex and Las Vegas dispensary. We look forward to hearing from you soon – and helping you learn everything you want to know about consuming edibles.